HH is surrounded by empty vessels – Nawakwi


FDD leader Edith Nawakwi says President Hakainde Hichilema is surrounded by “empty vessels” who don’t read or understand governance. And Nawakwi says she cannot concentrate on her Legana business because the UPND government has collapsed the economy. Meanwhile, Nawakwi says she was summoned by police because of revelations she made against government which they didn’t like.

Responding to Infrastructure and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi who challenged her to explain how exactly the IMF programme was causing food shortages in the country, Nawakwi said UPND ministers had agreed with IMF to reduce subsidies on agriculture.

“The challenge that Hakainde has, he has these empty vessels around him who don’t read, who don’t understand what is going around. Our agreement with…… https://diggers.news/local/2023/04/17/hh-is-surrounded-by-empty-vessels-nawakwi/


  1. Vintage Edith Nawakwi, always quarrelsome, always in an attack mode, always insulting. She has failed to mellow with age.

  2. I suspect Edith is mentally unwell. With her degree in economics we expected her to show some relevance in life. If she is really 70 yrs old she may have a maximum of 20 yrs more to live. Surely can’t she resolve to use these remaining yrs prudently ? Her bitterness will one day kill her. Does this woman congregate anywhere. Is she a Christian ? Edith had an unsuccessful marriage and now she has an unsuccessful political life and her businesses are limping ! Surely what type of a woman is this. Basically she destroyed her fellow woman’s marriage life which is a sin. Edith sure are you normal or you are I’ll ? Can some relatives take her to chainama !


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