…. You can’t have a leader who willfully insults in the presence of children and elders says Hon Kafwaya


Transport and Communications Minister Hon Mutotwe Kafwaya says Zambians should reject leaders who willfully and freely insults in the presence of children and elders.

Hon Kafwaya, who is also Lunte Member of Parliament, says he was shocked to watch a video that has since gone viral where the UPND leader insulted during a rally in Lukashya Constituency.

The Minister said this on Monday evening when he featured on a special programme on Kasama Radio in Kasama, Northern Province.

“Where we come from here in the northern region, it is a taboo to insult like that. Worse off in the presence of children and elderly people. As a leader, what good values can you teach the young ones if you are in the forefront of unleashing such derogatory language in the presence of children? Anyway, I am not shocked because even his MP for Choma Central Cornelius Mweetwa insulted Her Honor the Vice President Madam Inonge Mutukwa Wina while featuring on a TV station in Lusaka that she is shallow,” he said.

“You see my elder brother Paul (host Paul Chileshe), this is why we say we should be careful on who to trust with power. Now am convinced that even the people who insult Paramount Chief Chitimukulu are sent by the same HH. It’s a shame we have people like that aspiring to be in State House. And there is no justification whatsoever, because HH has no tribal cousins here in Northern Province for him to insult like that while addressing our people.”

Meanwhile, Hon Kafwaya condemned the behavior of UPND cadres who stormed a place where civil servants from the Ministry of Home Affairs were issuing out National Registration Cards (NRCs).

“This kind of desperation from the UPND will not work. They even had the audacity to storm a station where some officers from the Ministry of Home Affairs were issuing out NRCs and beat up whoever was there. And again the UPND leader is quiet on this matter,” he added.

He said the ruling PF will win the Lukashya Constituency by-election.

He further added that the PF remains focused to ensure that development is taken closer to the people. -SMART EAGLES


  1. Kafwaya should not tell lies about the use of the word chi..la among Bemba speaking people as taboo. It is readily used among the Bemba male youth. Bemba is not HH mother tongue and the real meaning of the word must have just escaped his attention. I do not believe HH intended to insult as most of his enemies are suggesting who are more shocked by HH`s popularity gains in Northern areas. It was a mere gaffe. HH should simply admit his mistake, apologise and move forward. Let bamwankole remain croaking with political shock. Bembas will be very negligent to entrust their political future to ECL, who will as soon as he gets his much needed support elsewhere abandon and punish them, just like KK did to Kapwepwe. The HH some corrupt Bemba politicians like Kafwaya (and chiefs like Chitimukulu) are insulting has a solid power base and is more trustworthy than the corrupt ECL they are championing.


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