By Dr. Abel Damina

1) Organize a programme (Give it a fancy name like, Pharaoh, Let My People Go, No More Suffering, Miracle Night or Divine Settlement, reclaiming your destiny, open heaven rally).

2) Make sure it’s around the end of the month when salaries will be paid.

3) Look for trending gospel artists.

4) Negotiate a price with the gospel music artist.

5) Invite good motivational speakers and smooth talkers, most of them are false prophets. He/she must fly in from another city or country. You must innocently sit down during the service, and feign ignorance.

6) Make billboards and posters (it’s for publicity and marketing).

7) Now, the D day. It must be emphasized how the invited guest(s) left other business behind to fly all the way here. All because of the anointing of giving.

 Now let the musician sing and stir the emotions of all present – make sure the musicians are famous and loved by people. (If I make you sensational, it’s now easy to scam you).

9) Now, if you can give #10000, stand by my right, #5000 or less come up the altar, #1000, stay to my left.

10) Work have started. At this time most are no longer thinking straight. Some for class will even pledge to give next month.

11) If you can give land, car etc. I will pray for you specially after service in the Pastor’s office. (Tell them the office doesn’t open unless if its special cases and special instruction from above)

12) Get the artist to sing again “Your house Na double double…. ” (sustain it because some of them were still conscious).

13) Show them how the widow gave her last mite and the widow of Zarephath too. (They will agree, because it’s in the bible)

14) Now hear the chief scammer “I know I said I won’t go beyond this amount, but the Lord just said to me, the anointing is for everyone here, so come with what you have, remove your bus fare, empty every money you have on this

(Credit: Dr. Emediong Samuel)


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