I am Not A Police Officer And I Dont Have A Police Uniform- John Chiti





I wish to clarify and respond to a photo of me circulating on social midea. I have received many congratulation messages and questions on whether am a police officer or not. For this reason I have decided to put up this statement as my official response to the same.

Firstly I am not a police officer and I don’t have a police uniform.
The picture you’re seeing is an artwork design of a new song I have done.
This whole thing is coming from me being an ARTIST/ MUSICIAN. I have done a new single titled “commander” in which I have featured mag44. We were in the process of designing an artwork of the song like we usually do and because of the title of the song ” commander ” (which is coming out this week by the way) my team thought I needed to somehow resemble a commander. That’s how that picture was done in the studio then it was taken for designing of the artwork of the song.
After that the next step was to consult the police before the artwork is circulated and we were in the process of consulting when to my surprise I saw a picture circulating. I did not post that photo but somewhere in the process of designing someone became excited amd circulated it.

My official response to that photo is that I AM NOT A POLICE OFFICER AND I DONT HAVE A POLICE UNIFORM. That photo is an artwork for my new song.

However, I am one of the Zambia Police Service Commission Member or a commissioner, appointed by the Republican president in February 2022. But even so, we Commissioners don’t wear uniforms and we don’t have police uniforms. The photo circulating has nothing to do with me being a Commissioner but like I said it was meant for my new song. Furthermore, being a Commissioner for Zambia Police does not stop me from doing music. I therefore, remain an artist and will continue to do music besides my new job.

I will not comment on the recruitment of the police as am not the right person to do that and if you ask so what happened to the artwork? Well, after realising the photo circulating on social midea and after consulting the relevant authorities we decided NOT to go ahead with the artwork and for this reason we have did a new design which does not show me in uniform

I SINCERELY APOLOGISE for the inconvenience or misinformation the pictures may have caused as it was not meant for that purpose. Help me to share this information and watch our for my new song 🎵 titled, “commander “

John Chiti
Commissioner ZPSC



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