Black Man Crying

A man named Fosu who shared his story some months ago about how his wife fell sick after their landlady took her picture to a fetish priest, has again revealed how he found out his wife has got married to another man whilst they have not divorced. According to the man he has been staying with his wife named Abena Tutuwaa for 14 years now.

Although they passed through lots of difficulties throughout these years but they were able to solve any problems they encountered. The man said he started doubting his wife about sleeping with another man four years ago, he made a complaint to his in-laws about his wife’s behaviour but they always asked him if he has ever caught her sleeping with any man before. Fosu said he was not having any evidence so he kept quiet about it.

He noticed that his wife used to chat with another man at midnight and also sleep on her phone every night. Three days ago, another person called on his wife’s phone but she was fast asleep. Fosu said it was another man who was calling his wife at that time, when he picked up the call, that man told him that Abena is his wife, he detailed that he legally got married to Abena four years ago and has been taking care of all her children

He also told him Abena has made it known to him that they have divorced, and that’s why they got married. Fosu said he too revealed to the man, he has never divorced his wife and they are all staying in the same room. Fosu added that he doesn’t know why her in-laws accepted another man to also marry his wife whilst they have not divorced. According to Abena concerning this allegation, it is never true that she has another husband but she was just flirting with that man to make Fosu jealous.


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