I was caught off guard by the £1,000 Rwanda wager – Sunak

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

The prime minister was surprised when he agreed to bet £1,000 on his policy about Rwanda.

Rishi Sunak said he doesn’t like to take risks, but he also said it wasn’t a mistake to promise deportation flights before the next election after shaking hands with Piers Morgan from TalkTV.

On BBC Radio 5 Live, Mr. Sunak said he was trying to show that he is fully committed to the policy.

Labour said it proves that he doesn’t understand the needs of working people.

Opposition parties criticize Prime Minister for betting £1,000 on Rwanda.
What is the UK going to do with asylum seekers by sending them to Rwanda.

MrSunak said he understands the financial struggles of regular families and doesn’t agree with people who say he doesn’t.

The money raised from the bet will go to charity and it is more than the £900 payments given to households on means-tested benefits.

The prime minister wanted to reduce inflation by half by the end of last year because people were struggling with high living costs. He said that inflation went down from 11% to 4%, which makes it easier for families to afford things.

When asked if he knew about the struggles of poor families, Mr. Sunak said he felt upset to hear that some parents don’t have enough money to buy proper baby formula for their babies.

He said that reducing taxes helped families who work, and also gave a lot of money to help the people in society who need it the most.

“He said that many people are getting the help they need. ”

The Prime Minister promised to keep prices from going up and to send some people seeking asylum to Rwanda. It is meant to stop people from crossing the Channel, and is an important part of Mr Sunak’s promise to “stop the boats”.

However, the plan has been delayed because of legal problems, and no flights to deport people have taken off yet.

Mr Sunak said he is really committed to this policy and really wants to make it happen in parliament and get it started.

The government wants to make Rwanda a safe country with a new law. But the House of Lords needs to agree to it first, and some people there don’t like the idea.

The government still wants to have flights taking off by the spring.

During an interview on TalkTV, Mr. Morgan dared the PM by saying, “I bet you £1,000 for a refugee charity that you won’t get anyone on those planes before the election. ”

MrSunak said, “I want to help people get on planes” as he shook hands with the presenter.

MrSunak thinks there will be an election in the second part of this year. And it has to happen by the end of January 2025.

Opposition parties have criticized Mr. Sunak for making the decision.

Liberal Democrat Deputy Leader Daisy Cooper said that when people get an unexpected bill of £1,000, they worry about how to pay their mortgage and buy food for their children.

The prime minister doesn’t realize how important that much money is. Sunak is really disconnected from reality.

The SNP said they told on Mr Sunak for maybe breaking the rules for ministers with the “disgusting” bet.

The party’s Cabinet Office spokeswoman, Kirsty Blackman, has asked for an investigation into whether Mr Sunak broke the rules for government ministers. She wrote to the PM’s independent adviser, Sir Laurie Magnus, and Cabinet Secretary Simon Case.

In her letter, she talked about the rules that say ministers should make sure there is no problem between their job and their personal interests. They also should not take any gift that could make people think they are not making fair decisions or owe something to someone.


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