Chris Mall
Chris Mall


….very few sitting MPs have accomplished in their Constituencies what I have been able to do using personal resources in Munali

LUSAKA, Tuesday, June 28, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Socialist Party (SP) National Mobilization Committee member Chrispin Chiinda says he would have been an MP if he chose to go independent last year.

Mr Chiinda, alias Chris Mall, who was a member of the Patriotic Front (PF) prior to joining SP said being left out in the adoption process by the former ruling party was quite frustrating.

He joined the opposition SP after consultations and a resolve that it was time to make a progressive step in his political journey.

During 5FM’s “The Burning Issue” program today, he said that very few have done the things in their respective constituencies that he has done.

“In 2014 I joined the PF and in 2016 I applied to be adopted as a member of Parliament, I was not adopted. I was asked to support the person who was adopted who was madam Nkandu Luo. For me I accepted, it was my first time. In 2021 I went back to the community, we did a lot of things and I think my story is clear to the people of Munali and also it was very clear in the PF that the things I have done very few have done them in their respective constituencies,” he said.

“But to be left out and just to adopt someone else I think it was quite frustrating but I think I still believe in team work. I still believe that in one way or another, we should be able to deliver to our people in Munali.”

He further explained that he did not stand as an independent out of believing that “we can still work together as a team.”

Mr Chiinda said he did not want to portray a picture as if he was power hungry and selfish such that he needed to be in Parliament by all means.

And the community leader said he realized that he had been a socialist his entire life after joining the political party.

“When I went to Socialist Party, I was put in a class just to understand and when I understood it, I realized that I have been a socialist all along. Because all the community work that I have done, I have done them in the courtesy of the community and full participation of the community, and I am not claiming any on the things I have done there because we have done them,” he said.

“Even the roads that we resurfaced in Mtendere, the bridge that we built in Mtendere, the one by two classroom block that we built in Kalikiliki, the one by three classroom block that we started in Chelstone, the toilet …ablution block that we built in Kamanga at Kamanga market, all that was for the community.”

Mr Chiinda’s desire is for people to remember him for the things he has done in various communities.


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