Fred M'membe

By Dr Fred M’membe

It’s very sad that some key political leaders of our country don’t know or understand what caused shortages of cooking oil and other commodities during the last part of Dr Kenneth Kaunda’s reign.
These leaders are out of ignorance attributing the shortages of many consumer goods under the Kaunda era to socialism.

Firstly, the Kaunda government was not a socialist government. At most, Dr Kaunda can be said to have been a social democrat. And these were extremely honest leaders who cared more about their people than self enrichment. They had opportunities to enrich themselves like their colleagues did in Kenya and other African countries who robbed their people of land.

The period of shortages was at the height of the liberation struggle in southern Africa when the country was totally blockaded – with no dealings with South Africa, Namibia, Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Angola, Mozambique, and Botswana was not the prosperous Botswana of today.

Tanzania was also not the Tanzania of today. And oil prices had shot up worldwide. They had to start companies to produce their own cooking oil and other commodities. And these were the companies some of these leaders denigrating them today came to privatise at very exorbitant fees or commissions and enriched themselves.

Thanks to the very high sacrifices our leaders and our people had make that made it possible for our leaders today to go to South Africa and do deals with representatives of corporations that colonised, exploited and humiliated us for centuries.

People who claim to be economists should have a better understanding of things than this. This is really an exhibition of crass ignorance and dishonesty.

Socialism is not about, or synonymous with, shortages of cooking oil and other essential commodities.

How can someone in this era and age think having or drinking Coca-cola is a big achievement, an indicator of economic and social prosperity? What is Coca-cola anyway? A mixture of carbon dioxide, water and caffeine! Of what nutrition value is Coca-cola? It is actually dangerous for the human body.
And what is wrong with our people coming up with their drinks?

Is this how empty and pro imperialist they are? What will remain of this country at the end of rule? Coca-cola will be everything! They will own everything. What will remain under the ownership of our people?

Socialism is about a better life for all our people anchored on equity, solidarity, humility and honesty.

And socialism has shown how poor nations can get out of poverty in the shortages historical times. Look at the achievements of Cuba – a country fought and blockaded for over 63 years. Without the minerals Zambia has, Cuba in 2020 had a GDP of around 107.35 billion U.S. dollars. GDP is an important indicator of a country’s economic power.
GDP in Zambia was expected to reach 24.00 USD Billion by the end of 2021. In the long-term, the Zambia GDP which has been pursuing unbridled neoliberal capitalist policies for more than 30 years is projected to trend around 27.00 USD Billion in 2023, according to some econometric models.
India’s socialist state of Kerale is leading in many economic and social indicators and scientific achievements.

Whatever their attempts to credit China’s achievements to capitalism, that is a great socialist state pursuing socialism with Chinese characteristics. And this what its leaders say. They attribute their economic successes to socialism.
We also have the successes of Vietnam.

The ignorant attempt to smear socialism and socialists to hide their greed and corruption quest to become billionaires won’t do. No matter what they say or do socialism will one day triumph in our homeland.

Capitalism has for centuries failed our people. Let them show us where capitalism has succeeded in Africa?

And more interesting is the fact that the most achievements scored in Zambia can be attributed to certain socialist inspired principles that were implemented in the country. The creation of free education, infrastructure development, creation of state owned enterprises that employed many and some which still stand today are as a result of having a human face towards national economic development which in itself is socialism.

Most leaders today who are a product of free education and other socially oriented programmes want to ridicule a system that moved them from poverty and then support imperialist policies that only benefit a few foreign interests.

Zambia definitely need a citizen led economic development agenda which under a socialist government will be attained.

We want Zambians can have genuine businesses and not these crooked dealers, tenderpreneurs calling themselves businessmen.

Like China, Zambia will manage to free its people from poverty through socialism with Zambian characteristics.

It’s socialism and only socialism that can guarantee our sovereignty, dignity and prosperity.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Oh, dear! Trying to justify an ideology that has failed. The poorest 3rd countries are the ones that have embraced Socialism.
    Ba Mmembe, Socialism is dead. Stop justifying your lies.
    Oh by the way can you say something about North Korea?

  2. Iwee, ka Membe. Tell me which socialist/ communist country ever got a success in Governing. Uko ba Cuba , Venezuela , and the rest queue up for fuel, and yet they produce fuel.
    Ikalenifye, nimwe ba kalwishanya.

  3. Also socialist states are dictatorial, why is it like that? Capitalist states are most democratic, so much freedoms to the people. In China, in Cuba we see examples of such socialist state dictatorships. Itself alone is a good reason to shun socialism

  4. A Mini Bus meant to be comfortable to ride in, but driven by a careless Kaponya Driver is a dangerous Mini Bus to ride in, so goes with any economic system, be it Capitalism, Communism or Socialism, if the Leaders are corrupt and dictatorial the Citizens will still suffer. At least under Capitalism citizens have “dog’s chance” through their Vote of kicking out of Power the “Social Misfits” who are posturing as Leaders, whereas aya yambi ama Political Systems, their Leaders tend to be “Wamuyaya” and the Party in Government (Gabamenti) become “Family Dynasties”

  5. I will never forgive M’Membe for working with Sata so closely to engender Bemba tribalism in Zambia. Even when Sata lay dead in London, M’Membe was claiming to have just spoken to “Michael” and that Zondwe was recovering well and working hard for Zambia. He thus can take his socialism to his backside where it never shines and stinks.

  6. Mmembe with all due respect, your article is garbage. PLEASE STOP THIS NONSENSE. I lived in the “most successful” socialist country for 10 years – Germany Democratic Republic. That economic model collapsed. I will spare u the detail for now. You have never lived in any socialist country. YOU ARE A PUPPET OF THE CUBAN & VENEZUELAN DICTATORSHIP. SHOW ME A SOCIALIST COUNTRY THAT IS ENVY OF THE WORLD NOW.

  7. But this lunatic is amazing, in the early 90s he was thrown in prison cause he was anti kk and UNIP. These are characters that will praise anything as long as the return are to favour them. Today Fred to talk good of KK, quite alright things mentioned were achieved by super Kens government but under bitter criticism from Mmembe and the first of organised criminals to rule this country who in return due to Fred publicity publication in his post newspaper won by landslide Victor, only to fire the first banking staff that disagreed with the FTJ, then came mass liquidation of banks meridian boa, parastatal companies which then employed 50% of Zambians UBZ,ZIMCO, CH HAULAGE, LENCO, INDECO you can name it. Finally as a long term poverty creation to make Zambia perpetual dependent on politicians for hand out the mines were sold, sovereignty Fred is talking of is his long dream of been the life president of this country period.

  8. Just lyk with a certain 4ma Ambassador, it seems that the bitterness of seeing UPND governing has reached a crescendo of confusion & hallucinations. It has never been about capitalism, socialism, IMF,,illiteracy, incompetence or/and even the availability of natural resources, BIG NO sir. It’s owaz been about patriotism, focus, vision, integrity, honesty & a genuine desire to serve NOT to plunder… True leadership comrade.

    Get used to it, the utopia that the clique created to benefit a selected few is being dismantled, we all need our share of the national cake.

  9. I think the point that my President HH was trying to arrive at with the example of coca cola was the right to choose. We all know that coca cola isn’t good for anyone but so is carbohydrate (nshima which we over eat), so is alcohol and the list is endless.

    Mmembe stop trying to be clever. You are not that that intelligent. There was a time I thought you were. You proved yourself to be dull time and time again when you should have had the country at heart. Hi

  10. This is a guy that stopped paying taxes in a bid to become a billionaire and supported PF because of all the lucrative contracts that that were before him for the taking. Silly man.


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