But the 29-year-old has broken those barriers to become an award winning student in Food Production and now uses her talent to represent Zambia on the global level (Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya).

“The only disability one could ever have is bad attitude,” says the phenomenal Precious Lusendu.

Precious is the acting Manager of Chejoy Hospitality Tourism Company in Livingstone Zambia and studied hotel Management at Livingstone Institute of Business and Engineering studies (LIBES) were she graduated as a best student and and latter did tour guide Transfer with Birdrock in Choma ,She is a very vibrant young lady who has proven the world wrong for judging people with disability.

Precious says, “People told me that I will never do anything because of my physical disability I had even in my mom’s womb.
I remember at primary and secondary school i faced alot of criticism and neglection,I had friends who came in the name of being friends with me to mock me down..

I really had faced alot of challenges including academically because at times I wouldnt go to school or attend school extra circular activities such Sports and debates because of fear that I could be mocked so sometimes I would wonder why but all those questions never had answers because I knew that no any miracle would ever come and nothing would ever change about myself.

I am so happy that despite everything, God gave me the courage to pull through because I knew nobody else would ever make my future bright apart from myself, so like crying and self pity to me was never a solution to change my physical appereance and that criticism would never change my problem.

The only way I helped myself to gain courage is by acept myself and joining movements like Hangoma Youth Foundation by Loveness Hangoma in Livingstone, an organisation that helps Les prividged people especially people with Disabilities with postive skill sets that taught me how to use my talent and been self confident and through using this talent, I have traveled to Kenya,South Africa and Nigeria Lagos just to dance and present Zambia on a global scale .

The word of encouragement to other women and girls having a disability is never to have self pitty,And never lwt your situation speak for yourself but try by all means to overcome the situation because personally I suffered and people told me i can’t study hotel managememt and food production because it’s was that job that required real hard work and need people that could really work hard but I told myself there is no diference between any other normal person and myself so I pushed hard and went beyond my situation. So work hard and rise up and overcome your situation and change your life .

Credit to Loveness Hangoma for changing this life!

Girl Empowerment Alliance for Change


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