Japan denounces Houthi rebels for stealing a ship


Japan is very upset about the hijacking of a Japanese cargo ship in the Red Sea by rebels who are supported by Iran.

The Yemeni militia said the ship was from Israel, but a spokesperson from the Japanese government said it was operated by Nippon Yusen.

The top government official in Japan said they are trying to make it happen.

Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu said Iran is behind the hijacking because they support the Houthi militia.

Mr Netanyahu said that the ship and the crew were not from Israel and he called it an “Iranian attack on a ship from another country”.

It is believed that twenty-two people are on a boat that is probably owned by British people.

Nippon Yusen said the ship called Galaxy Leader was captured near Yemen while it was on its way to India.

“At the moment, government departments like the transport and foreign ministries are getting information and working with other countries to release the ship and its crew as soon as possible,” said Hirokazu Matsuno, Japan’s chief cabinet secretary.

The people on the ship are thought to be Bulgarians and Filipinos. There are no Japanese people on the crew.

Yahya al-Sarea, a spokesperson for Yemen’s Houthi rebels, said the ship was from Israel and was taken to a port in Yemen.

The Houthis said they would attack any Israeli ship they could reach because Israel had attacked Gaza after Hamas militants did.

Israel reports that 1,200 people died and over 240 were captured during the unexpected Hamas attack in the southern part of the country.

Israel has started a big military attack using planes, artillery, and soldiers, to try to get rid of Hamas.

The Hamas health ministry says 12,300 people have died in Gaza. It is believed that over 2,000 people are trapped under the collapsed buildings.

The Houthis shot many missiles and drones at Israel right after Israel started its counterattack.

The US said that its warship in the Red Sea stopped all the missiles and drones.

The IDF said the ship attack was a very serious global event.

The IDF said the ship was traveling from Turkey to India when it was taken in the southern Red Sea near Yemen.

The Foreign Minister of Iran, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, said that groups who support Iran are putting pressure on Israel and its supporters in a smart way.

The Houthis and Yemen’s government, supported by Saudi Arabia, have been fighting in a long war since 2014.


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