Alfred A FL Nyambe

A beautiful damsel of Kabulonga residential address, Tina Ntalasha, who is also a graduate of National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA), was on 24th May thumped for entertaining a smile of an Olympia Extension’s married man to Tracy Mwansa.

Don’t get confused with Tracy and Tina. Tracy is the wife while Tina is the side chick.

Gwen, friend to Tracy, who works for a Salon in East Park, went to do her daily business on the aforementioned date. Around 15, in the evening, she saw a White Toyota Harrier belonging to John, husband to Tracy, parking at Hungry Lion PLC. She thought he came with Tracy, but to her surprise, she saw a different face belonging to a fine and cute maiden coming out of it — and holding hands with him, they sat on the chairs as John ordered expensive bites, drinks and an ice cream for his side chick.

Gwen phoned her Tracy that her husband was with a different woman at East Park Mall.

Tracy, after hearing the headlines of the news that her husband was with another woman, sprinted to another friend’s house, Jasmine, to pour her the news.

She got into Jasmine’s mini Mitsubishi Pajero and they drove to East Park.

They found Gwen plaiting hair. Upon seeing them, she threw away the drier, blower and toner; Tracy grabbed a 10 litres of water and they participated in a short marathon to where Tina was grinning for the blesser.

Before Tina could grasp anything, she was baptized by the water poured by Tracy. Bringing nothing to her comprehension, Tracy bounced on her, punched, sheared and engineered her.

Realising it now, she saw that the person cramping her brutally was the wife to the sugar daddy by which she was being entertained.

Eaten halfway, on the table were pieces of hungry lion, 2 bottles of Fanta and an ice cream.
Gwen poured a drink on her as Tracy got the ice cream, turned it into lotion, and applied it on her face, and she ended up looking like a witch doctor from Lesotho.

When John, felt that the ground upon which he was standing was hot, and the place friendly to him no more, he thought of escaping but Tracy got hold of his belt before he could dart, and pulled him back. In the process, he fell on the ground legs pointing to heaven. He nevertheless managed to slip away and scampered for his life. Deliberately and shamefully, he left his car behind.

People enjoyed the fight as they watched Charlotte folding Shasha in the WWE cage. Tina swallowed tablets of fists and slaps and was made to gulp water on the spoon as she swam on the seashore of East Park Mall to teach her a lesson that dating married men is but a very bad idea.

The only thing Tina could do, was to cry like a radio cassette with batteries low.

Before this outrageous scandal happened, Tina had posted on Facebook saying, “Singleness is laka! 100% stress-free!” Little did anyone know that her private part was doing ‘ma’ piece works in other people’s relationships with sugar daddies– married men for that matter in exchange for Pizzas, Hungry lion, Joe Biscuits, and KFC to feed her hungry stomach and fill her empty intestines especially large intestines also known as colons in the name of living a “high class” life.
Tina ditched her Chalala boyfriend for failing to take her out every weekend and rejected other men’s proposals with the “You’re not my type” national anthem these hungry broke human beings are singing everywhere.

Now see where dating her “type” has landed her into!
Embarrassment and humiliation are what she got at last.

Through her close friends, Tina has confessed that she will never date a married man!


  1. True, are we now watching cheaters? We come here to read news, not these poems. Disappointing the levels ba observer are observing


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