Kakoma Kanganja’s statement on Mandevu political violence;

WE have time and again advised political parties to ensure that they conduct themselves peacefully and within the confines of the law during their public activities as well as when other political parties udertake their activities.

It is disturbing to note that political party cadres have continued with their irresponsible conduct of straying into activities of other political parties, which has been a source of violence.

What transpired today in Mandevu Compound in Lusaka where suspected Patriotic Front cadres are alleged to have blocked some portions of the road with a view to disrupt the authourised procession of the UPND is criminal and will not be condoned.

Similarly, the conduct of some UPND cadres who are alleged to have damaged motor vehicles during their roadshow is criminal and prosecutable.

I have therefore directed Lusaka Province Police Command to ensure that all those who were involved in the confusion and criminal acts during the UPND roadshow in Mandevu are arrested and prosecuted.

I further call on all political parties to ensure that they guide the conduct of their cadres by denouncing violence and avoid any acts that could be provocative in nature considering that we still have enough time remaining before the end of the campaign period.



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