Kanye West claims he’s never read a book as he reveals students at $15K Donda Academy will learn rocket science

Kanye West

Kanye West has revealed that he has never read a book while disclosing that students at his new $15,000-a-year private Christian school, Donda Academy will learn rocket science.

The American rapper, 45, sat down with Alo Yoga’s CEO and co-founder Danny Harris for the sportswear brand’s new podcast, Mind Full, during which he compared reading to eating ‘Brussels sprouts’ and said he thinks humans are eventually going to learn to communicate without speaking like ‘Jedi’ from Star Wars.

He also hit back at people who have called him ‘crazy,’ claiming that it ‘hurts his feelings’ and insisting that while some critics might not think he’s ‘right’ about some things, he thinks he’s just ‘not right now.’

Kanye, who split from his wife-of-eight-years, Kim Kardashian, 41, in February 2021, ranted about how people are taught to not be ‘expressive’ from a young age, and are told to ‘use their words’ rather than show their emotions.

He also explained that he is now ‘practicing and learning a new style of language,’ in which he doesn’t use words that he feels are ‘classist.’

He said people should talk more like Yoda from Star Wars, and only use words that they ‘absolutely need.’

The fashion designer aadded that he thinks that his grandkids or great-grandkids will one day get to the ‘level of language’ where they don’t have to speak at all, but instead, just look at one another, like ‘straight Jedi.’

‘We had this one moment earlier, where Danny asked me about the fabrics and I didn’t even have to say a word. We were communicating with a head nod, like straight Jedi,’ he shared.

‘That was the one moment that showed where we’ll get to, where our great-grandkids or grandkids will get to.’

Kanye, who shares four kids; -North, nine, Saint, six, Chicago, four, and Psalm, three with Kim also revealed that he has never read a book.

‘I actually haven’t ready any book,’ he stated. ‘Reading is like eating Brussels sprouts for me. And talking is like getting the Giorgio Baldi corn ravioli.’

Kanye made headlines in recent weeks after it was revealed that he had opened his own school in Simi Valley, California, which is dedicated to ‘preparing students to become the next generation of leaders, thinkers, and innovators by providing them with a world-class education that includes a rigorous core curriculum, and an emphasis on sustainability, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving,’ according to its website.

Donda enrolment is believed to cost $15,000 per year, but a statement on its website claims that ‘everyone is welcome to apply regardless of financial situation.’

The school currently offers core classes in Mathematics, English Language, and Arts and Science, alongside regular Christian worship and two obligatory ‘enrichment classes.’


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