Key Points From Yesterday’s Press Briefing By The Chief Government Spokesperson Hon C. Mweetwa



Today, the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson had a media briefing at which a number of issues were discussed, among them the following:

✅ Zambia is hosting the 3rd Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa from the 27th November, to 30th November 2023 at Mulungushi Conference Centre.

✅ The summit will bring together more than 5000 international delegates including Heads of State, Ministers, Heads of International and Local Organisations, the Academia, Researchers and Health Experts.

✅ The overall objective of the meeting is to raise awareness, show commitment and action at high level of government leadership, policy makers, public health officers and stakeholders.

✅ This is to ensure that they take take appropriate measures including legislative, administrative, social and education to:
a. Tackle public heath crises,
b. Strengthen health systems through emphasizing universal health through media coverage for sustainable and equitable development,
c. To rebuild multilateral organisations.

✅ Government welcomes all delegates to Zambia and assures them of have a peaceful stay in the country and looks forward to high level interactions during the summit.

✅ Government has further urged the Zambian citizens to observe the rule of law and be at the best of social conduct during the period Zambia will host the summit.

✅ Government also wishes to clarify that it was being truthful when it stated that Mr Emmanuel Jay Banda had submitted to the Clerk of the National Assembly in a letter dated 30th October, 2023 that the Members of Parliament wishes to amend the constitution primarily for three things:

  1. They wanted to go back to the Councils so that they could participate in the decision-making processes of the councils.
  2. They wanted to be part of the work of the ever-expanding Constituency Development Fund (CDF) committee.
  3. The Members of Parliament were desirous of having certain constituencies that were vast delimitated for easy administration.

✅ As discussed in the last press briefing held on Monday, 20th November, 2023, the rationale of Members of Parliament coming together to agree before government can bring to the nation the possible amendments of Constitution was because of the lessons learnt from issues surrounding Bill 10.

✅ Institutions and individuals that want to be conscripted into a scheme of falsehoods and lies should know that the opposition are merely politicking and should not be taken seriously.


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