Lagos metro train opens to public


Paying passengers have used the Lagos metro rail service for the first time on Monday, 20 years after plans for the line were announced and 14 years after construction began on the project.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu was on board as the train began commercial operations months after it was launched at the beginning of the year with test rides.

The 13km (eight mile-) Blue Line from Marina on Lagos Island to Mile 2 on the mainland, links the business districts with the residential areas.

The train is expected to ease commuting in the state which has been notorious for its traffic jams.

Estimates say the new rail line will cut down the length of journeys on that route by as much as three hours – though commuting times on the roads have been reduced drastically since the removal of a fuel subsidy has seen fewer cars on the roads.

There are five stations on the overland route which can be covered in around 30 minutes and it will cost 750 naira ($1; £0.80) for a full trip.

There will be an initial 12 trips during the morning and evening peak hours which will rise to 76 at full operation.

The Blue Line is one of six rail and monorail lines that are part of the state’s transport plan that includes ferries and the Bus Rapid Transport.-BBC


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