A man allegedly believed to be a teacher is on the run after a couple known for witchcraft practices in the region threatened to end his life should he refuse to marry their first daughter.

This is in a case where a man identified as Tanasho Mwemfwe 29, a teacher in Lufwanyama, woke up next to a grade 7 girl and out of fear ran out of the thatched house believing this was another nightmare as he rarely sleeps without seeing naked women in his dreams, why not just get married?

Mr. Tanasho walked into the house again to prove his sight wrong but the tiny thing with Mukule and dirty rags was in his loose bed snoring like a male pig.

He slowly walked to his bed and woke her up and when she opened her eyes, she was smiling carelessly. “Ba tha what time did you wake up?” were the last words she produced before being kicked out by the angry teacher.

However, when people saw the unidentified girl being dragged out of the house, they rushed to help and got hold of the teacher believing he had canal knowledge of her.

Mr. Tanasho tried to explain what had happened but no one was ready to listen to him as the girl in question is sometimes seen fetching water and sometimes bringing food for him.

Meanwhile, the girl’s parents who are known for witchcraft in the region have promised to send Mr. Tanasho to hell should he fail to marry their child who is in grade 7.

Mr. Tanasho before scampering to save his life and dying reputation, swore to the crowd that he had not done anything to the girl and luckily it was proved after medical experts confirmed that the girl in question was not touched or unscrewed.

But her parents have refused to settle for this truth saying it is a lie, he is marrying our daughter failure to which his family should start saving for funeral expenses.
Tompo (c) 2022


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