Lusaka couple divorces after 2 weeks of marriage, hubby doesn’t want fertile woman


Lusaka couple divorces after 2 weeks of marriage, hubby doesn’t want fertile woman

A COUPLE of Hellen Kaunda in the nation’s capital, Lusaka has divorced after only 14 days in marriage.

If the duration of their marriage is shocking, the reason of their break up is even more shocking.

After getting married on October 21, 2023, David Banda, 41 an employee of Beautiful Living Company petitioned the Lusaka Boma Local Court to end his marriage with Doris Mutale aged 29 because she was fertile and able to give birth.

Yes, you heard right – fertile and able to give birth!

Running the court through the couple’s journey to their short lived marriage and eventual divorce hearing, Doris told the court that Banda paid K13,000 dowry out of the charged K15,000 to pave way for a Chilangamulilo, Kitchen party and eventually a wedding ceremony.

Doris said as the days of events approached, Banda shocked both her and her kin and kith when he called off the Chilangamulilo and Kitchen party five days before their dates while demanding that the wedding ceremony be revised down to a low key bride delivery ceremony on one of the evenings.

However, after being delivered to her husband, Doris was again shocked when her brand new husband asked her to go back to her relatives and stay for a month as he needed to sort out a few things with his ex-girlfriend, a request she refused.

Doris later learned that the ex girlfriend her husband was referring to was actually his former wife named Sarah Phiri whom he had divorced in April of this year.

Curious about what else Banda was hiding, Doris activated FBI instincts possessed by every suspicious woman and what she was to discover was shocking.

He husband had been married to three other women whom he divorced before finding her.

“One day when I was sweeping, I found some papers in the house, when I read them, I discovered that they were actually divorce papers of him and another foreign woman from Thailand named Sansanee Kumpeepong Banda. And the divorce was in the high court on September 18, 2023, barely a month before we got married. And when I asked him about it, he told me that it was his boss divorcing under his name and signature,” Doris narrated.

She added that one day, Banda’s first divorced wife hinted her that he wanted to divorce her and when she asked why, a voice recording was sent to her which she presented as court evidence.

In the recording, Banda was heard telling his first wife that he wanted to leave Doris because he discovered that she could give birth and his fear was having a woman that could give him more children because they will have to share his properties with his now three children. And for that, he wanted to bring back his second divorced wife, ‘Sarah’ because according to him, she was barren.

“He loves to marry different women a lot, he is uncertain. My husband is capable of taking dowry to another woman while still married to another. If he can manage to divorce 3 women in a period of eight months, everything is possible. He just cant go around playing around with people’s daughter’s and breaking their hearts anyhow,” said Doris.

However, in his statement, Banda told the court that the main reason he was divorcing Doris in two weeks was because she was too insecure.

He said she liked to observe his where about each time he was not home while accusing him of being with other women.

“If I don’t pick her calls, it becomes a problem. She immediately suspects that am with a woman. And even if I explain myself, my explanation still lands in deaf ears. One day, I even found a message in her phone where her sister called me an adulterous. At one point, she even asked me to step up as a man telling that there was no way that she could be lacking emotionally and financially. That hurt me and I want to divorce her,” Said Banda.

He went on to say all this three past divorces he has had are because he is still searching for a woman that will change and mould him into a better man. “And all this happened in two weeks only? Well you do not need a woman to change you, it is you to change yourself. She was probably insecure about you because of your background. She knew you loved women. How do you chase someone one day into marriage and ask them to stay for a month?” asked Magistrate Lombe Chibesakunda.

Magistrate Chibesakunda then granted the couple a divorce with compensation awarded to the defendant.

And just like that, Banda walked away with his fourth divorce certificate at age 41.

“Mr Banda is still searching for a woman that will change him. Unfortunately, he does not love you and the court can not force him too. But the court’s advise to plaintiff is that you need to restrain yourself from woman if you just want to play. You cant pay a hefty amount of K13,000 as dowry to a woman only to divorce her in two weeks. You can be jumping up and down from one divorce to another breaking women’s hearts. These women will one day unite to deal with you. And for that, the court will help them to discipline you by charging you with K6,000 as compensation to your ex-wife effective this month end,” Said Magistrate Chibesakunda.

By Buumba Mwitumwa



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