Miss Japan quits after affair with already married man revealed in tabloid article


A woman from Ukraine who won the Miss Japan beauty contest has given back her title because a magazine said she had a relationship with a man who is already married.

26-year-old Karolina Shiino just won the Miss Japan title, but some people are talking about it because of her background.

Some people were happy about the new citizen being made queen, but others said she didn’t match the usual idea of what a beautiful Japanese person looks like.

During the chaos, a magazine in the area published a story claiming that someone is having a secret relationship.

The magazine Shukan Bunshun said that Ms Shiino was in a relationship with a married influencer and doctor. The man did not say anything to the public.

When the report came out last week, the organizers of the pageant said Ms Shiino didn’t know the man was married.

However, on Monday, the organizers said she admitted to knowing about the man’s marriage and family.

The Miss Japan Association said that she said sorry for being unclear and stepped down from her title. The organisers agreed to her resignation.

Ms Shiino said sorry to her fans and everyone in a statement on Monday. She said she acted out of fear and panic because of the report.

“I’m really sorry for causing a big problem and let down those who were on my side,” she said.

The winner of the Miss Japan title is not being replaced for the rest of the year, even though there were other contestants who almost won.

Ms Shiino won a competition on 22 January and became the first person of European descent to receive this honor. She was born in Ukraine and then went to Japan with her mom when she was five. She got her step-dad’s last name.

She can speak and write Japanese very well and became a citizen in 2022.

When she got the title, she said in her speech: “I have not been seen as Japanese many times, but I am thankful to be seen as Japanese today. “


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