Muchinga Province Mpika Constituency Member of Parliament Francis Kapyanga


By: Pesulani Mwale

Mpika Constituency Member of Parliament, Francis Kapyanga, has questioned the caliber of Mining Technocrats being produced at tertiary learning institutions in Zambia.

Kapyanga’s probe comes at the backdrop of continued sentiments by the current regime that Zambians do not have the capacity to run and own Mines.

He notes that since in 1973, Zambia has been producing mining experts at the University of Zambia School of Mines and Mineral Development, and later at the Copperbelt University.

Kapyanga says the country has a lot of Engineers, Geologists and Metallurgists, among other experts which foreign entities that run Mines in Zambia rely on.

He has since challenged the two highest learning institutions in the country to come out in the open and clarify if the experts they have produced over the years do not have the capacity to run……….

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  1. Ummmh, this one is around. Rewarded to sit in the national law making house of parliament after openly declaring war on other zambians from other regions who he banished from ever stepping foot in mpika.

    When Harry kalaba said mpika was not easy, it was this kapyanga who led a militia and ruled mpika like a warload. You had to qualify to enter mpika by proving that you are pf . His militia would attack even voices of opposition leaders on radio.

    The guy was so vicious and called the opposition coch roaches who should never be allowed in the bedroom of his pay master then. Silvia chalikosa was not adopted mainly because she did not have the capacity to lead atrocious physical attacks on the opposition then.

    If we are going to curtail political violence ever in zambia, this is one person that should have been brought to account for his personal behavior. It is even documented on video. Now he will remain a star to be emulated by others for wrong things he did to rise to parliament.

    Don’t the police know that from just that one video, kapyanga could have caused war in zambia. Suppose the people who were from mpika got attacked in other regions of zambia on account of being away from their bedroom in mpika, what would have happened?

    You can not condemn and arrest people for divisive tribal talk without bringing kapyanga to account. His actions were a very serious threat to national unity. I just wonder how he feels to be in parliament, to live in Lusaka and not mpika today.

    If l were to have it my own way, this kapyanga would have been my first wish for who goes to jail for threatening national unity and security. And the police can’t let that issue just die away. Kapyanga called for killing of other zambians who were opposition for entering mpika. Law enforcement agencies, there is video evidence. We can’t have him enjoying the fruits of national peace and unity in parliament without first making him to account for his actions.

    People still have the videos. This man is dangerous


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