Mundubile Explains Where He Got The K200,000 From For Nomination Fee For The PF Presidency

Brian Mundubile


…. UPND ministers were declaring assets and farms for K70 million, K60 million. So if those voices were genuine, why didn’t they start by investigating where Ministers got that kind of money from

Lusaka…. Thursday, November 10, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

Following the filing in of nominations for the Patriotic Front presidency, speculations and panic among some UPND members erupted with some suggesting that the contenders should be questioned over the source of their K200,000, which was the nomination fee.

Among the ruling party members who suggested that investigative wings should swing in is Obvious Mwaliteta, the Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson.

And during a special interview at Muvi last night, leader of the opposition in Parliament Brain Mundubile explained that he was able to pay the fee from his savings.

“I have been a member of Parliament for over five years. And at the end of that period, I got my gratuity and I am a salaried government employee. So certainly, out of my savings, I was able to pay,” he said.

Asked if he was ready to be investigated, Hon Mundubile said “anytime. It is a matter of hypocrisy.”

“Not long ago, Ministers were declaring their assets. Others were declaring farms for K70 million, K60 million. So if those voices were genuine, why didn’t they start by investigating where Ministers got that kind of money from? They ignored that and rushed to ask where an MP who has been in office for five years, he has been a minister and he is still in gainful employment, where he got K200,000 from? Really? Why not ask those who were declaring K60 million…?”

Hon Mundubile said not every hardworking Zambian is a thief.

He said if someone was going to be excited about a K200,000, they should be excited about bigger amounts of money that ministers were mentioning.

“There are genuine businessmen here in Zambia, built businesses through hard work… you go and hold it, come with a microscope, you will come to a conclusion that these individuals simply worked hard to have these kinds of money that they have,” he said.

“But then, if you are going to be excited by a figure of K200,000, certainly, a figure of K50 million should be very exciting to you.”


  1. You are very correct Mr Mundubile. Some of these declarations made by UPND ministers are fake and intended to cover up when they steal or leave office. Let the ACC and DEC verify these declarations as most of these fellows were strugglers a few months ago.

  2. It’s very embarrassing that someone should be questioning where someone got equivalent to $12,300 which almost like a one month salary to some people within Zambia. Honestly speaking the UPND team needs to concentrate on building the economy and fulfill the promises they gave us prior to coming into office. Surely every genuine hard working person can afford that nomination fee.

  3. For the first time I agree with this idiot, there were abnormal declarations by some UPND idiots in which DEC and ACC should take interest. Where on earth can a farm cost K400m? K70m and even K10m? I bought two farms for less than K200,000 and with all the investments I have put in, the equipment and livestock I have bought and the yields since 2012 to date, the true value cannot be above K3m. What kind of liars does this country not need to have transparency in leadership positions? STUPID IDIOTS.

  4. Zambians have become political fools. What is K200,000 honestly? This spirit of poverty and stupidity should be done away with.

  5. The money was being carried in brown envelopes! That’s the issue. If the guy is innocent he should do is a bank transfer from his account. Carrying big sums of money that is not traceable is money laundering. Let him tell us why he had to carry cash? Remember it’s the law talking. He claims to have been an MP & Minister for 5 years. He is part of the PF criminals that formulated that law.


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