By Nancy Kalaluka

A 43 year old man has disclosed that his life was in a mess until he thought a help from a witch doctor in Kalabo.

Mr Tembo disclosed to BBN that he was transferred to work in Mongu last year. I’m a married man with two children.

I met this lady at Becca Liquor store and she was drinking alone outside. I joined her and we had a conversation and I told her that I was new in town. She told me to be very careful with ladies in Mongu as “Kuti abatwi” they don’t listen.

She told me that she was single and enjoyed her life because she didn’t want any drama. We enjoyed our drinks and she took me to Becca club and Shanaya later afterwards.
The following day, we met at wine shop along Lewanika road. My wife was still in Lusaka, so I was just staying alone. We started dating and She come for a sleep over.

I told her that I was married with my wife and two kids in Lusaka but they will be coming to Mongu any time soon and she told me that she had only one child. Everything went well for a month. When I told her that my wife is now coming , she become angry.

I got surprised when my favorite boxer which I used to like wearing disappeared from my bedroom.

My wife come to Mongu everything was just fine. I become so attached to my girlfriend to the period that when I knock off I could go to just see her. Go out drinking and have funny on almost every weekend. I could lie to my wife that we will be working out very far from Mongu. Sometimes I would lie that due to the sand we are stuck or so on.

I felt like I was going mad because I could only see my girlfriend in my dreams and at work. My wife would complain about my outings and changes in my life comparing to where we come from.

Imagine, I started buying things for the child whose not even mine but leaving mine at home without anything. I lost focus and she could really torment me by threatening to tell her if I don’t give her whatever she wanted.

My friends could come and advise me but I could not listen. This lady she could be cheating on me with other guys and I could just make it look like it’s normal. Sometimes she could deny me in front of the guys who had hooked her or those who are buying her beer. Apparently she cheated on me with several guys and I could see but I failed to leave the relationship. I become thin and lose weight but the love was for her.

There is a good old man who I normally chat with at a certain garage. I told him about the pain and situation I was going through. He told me to arrange some ka money so that we seek help from doctors. After some days, he took me to see a witch doctor in Kalabo. It was discovered that my girlfriend had put me in the bottle. I saw it with my both eyes. The witch doctor said, Mr Tembo you were put in prison, you’re tied and controlled. you don’t have a say or you can’t move out but you are too lucky that you been brought here early. This woman was going to make you worse and destroy your marriage. After been worked on, I’m now a free man and feeling peaceful. The love that I had for wife and children had gone.

Whenever I see this lady it’s only hatrage I feel. I didn’t know that this thing is really happening right here.
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