For Immediate Release.


As UPND Alliance partners, we lauded President Hakainde Hichilema for the foreign trips he has continued to undertake lately because we feel such travels are important and beneficial for the Republic of Zambia.

For the country to attract the much needed Foreign Direct Investment FDIs, the undertaking of such trips are inevitable.

The Presidential travels with the recent one being to Senegal are important for further economic growth, strengthening of bilateral ties and for the fostering of global economic Intergration.l and synergies.

It’s rather unfair that some rogue opposition elements have continued to disparage the trips whose benefits we are witnessing as a Nation.

As Upnd Alliance partners, we have no doubt that Zambia will benefit tremendously from the trips. It is abundantly clear that the opposition is Not happy on how President Hichilema is interacting with different stakeholders on the international scene, hence the condemnation on the trips.

It should be vehemently promulgated, that Zambia is not an island and can not therefore develop without the support from well established conglomerates.

What critics are missing is that, the New Dawn Administration wants to agenda to restore Zambia’s lost economic Fortune’s that were left hanging by the previous regime.

The President has emphasized that 2023 is a year for unlocking the domestic economy hence the need for Cabinet Ministers to rise to the occasion and follow this directive and ensure that Zambia attracts private players to chat the development path of this great Nation.

Furthermore we wish to urge the opposition not to trivialize the trips made by the President, but look at the holistic picture in terms of the country will benefit in a long run.

What should be appreciated further is that the Head of State has reduced the size of his entourage when he travels out of the country besides the Ministry responsible for the assignment.

Let all well.meaning Zambians support these foreign trips.

Issued by: Emmanuel Malite. NDC Spokesperson.


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