Netanyahu openly opposes US efforts to establish Palestinian state


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says he told the United States that he doesn’t want a Palestinian state to be created after the fighting in Gaza stops.

At a press conference, Mr. Netanyahu said he will continue the attack in Gaza until Hamas is destroyed and the Israeli hostages are released. He also said this could take several months.

With nearly 25,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza and 85% of the Strip’s people forced to leave their homes, Israel is facing strong pressure to stop its attack and have important discussions to bring an end to the war.

Many countries that support Israel, like the US, and even some that don’t, want the idea of creating two separate countries, Israel and Palestine, to be brought back to life. This would mean that a future Palestinian country would exist alongside Israel.

Many people hope that the crisis will make the fighting groups start talking to each other instead of keep fighting. They think that talking is the only way to stop the fighting from going on and on. But it seems that Mr. Netanyahu actually has the opposite intention based on his comments.

Speaking to reporters after Mr. Netanyahu’s recent comments, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby admitted that the US and Israel have different views on the issue.

On Thursday, Mr. Netanyahu said that Israel needs to have security control over all the land on the western side of the River Jordan, even the territory that might be given to a future Palestinian state.

“This is something that must happen, but it goes against the idea of Palestinian control. ” What should I do. I told our American friends the truth and I stopped the attempt to force a false reality on us that would hurt Israel’s safety,” he said.

Mr Netanyahu has spent a long time in politics and has always been against the idea of Palestine becoming its own country. Just last month, he said he was happy to have stopped it from happening. So, his recent comments are not unexpected.

However, the open disagreement with Washington’s diplomatic efforts, and the decision to continue the current military strategy, indicate that the divide is growing between Israel and its western supporters.

Since the attacks on October 7th, the US has supported Israel’s right to defend itself. This attack was the worst in Israel’s history, with 1,300 people killed and 240 taken hostage by Hamas gunmen.

As more people have died in Gaza and there have been many horrible scenes, Western governments are asking Israel to be careful and not use too much force.

The White House keeps trying to tell Israel what to do with its military. They want Israel to use more precise weapons instead of bombing everything. They also don’t want Israel to send troops into the area. And they think there should be two separate states, one for Israelis and one for Palestinians, with the Palestinian Authority involved in making peace in Gaza after the fighting.

MrKirby said the US has been very clear about what it wants Gaza to look like after the war.

“He said that the people of Gaza should have a say in their government, and it should not be taken over by another country. ”

Many people have not listened to Washington’s advice, and some have even rejected it, especially when the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken visits.

This has made some Americans very frustrated with the Biden administration because they seem to strongly support Israel without any conditions on the aid they give to their ally in the Middle East.

The prime minister of Israel said something that will make his small group of supporters and the very conservative ministers in his government happy.

However, this war will upset people at home and in other countries who are increasingly shocked by the number of people being harmed. Recent surveys indicate that most Israelis want him to focus on bringing the remaining hostages home instead of trying to destroy Hamas, which may be very difficult.


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