Nalucha Nganga Ziba ActionAid Country Director


PAC is a public accountability body which should be respected and given full support. Witnesses and institutions called to appear before this body are supposed to help the committee arrive at well-reasoned positions, on the findings of the Auditor General.

Chanda Kabwe occupied a public office which was accessing public and donor funds intended for use in responding to disasters and emergencies. As National Coordinator, he was a custodian of public interests, and he is therefore accountable to the nation through the mechanisms and platforms laid down by the constitution.

Therefore, the arrogance and disrespect shown by Chanda Kabwe to the Parliamentary committee, should be condemned in the strongest terms. Mr. Kabwe is not being denied the opportunity to defend himself, but this should be done with respect and in following the decorum of parliament

Also, PAC and the Chair of the committee should take a fair share of the blame for having condoned the uncalled-for conduct of Mr. Kabwe. PAC should not allow for such unfortunate precedent. It is important that the Speaker through the Clerk of the National Assembly write to Chanda Kabwe to express its disgust at his arrogant and disrespectful conduct. This should also serve as a warning to former senior Government officials who may be called to appear before the committee.

it is important not to lose sight of the fact that the roles played while in office are of public interest and all who hold these positions are accountable to the people even when they leave office. Again, we would go on further to state that this impunity is arising because of the long delay in handling of possible cases of impropriety and corruption by the UPND Government. The people who may have done wrong to this country have now found their voices and with impunity they want to claim their rights forgetting the many lives that may have been affected by their negligent conduct in office and the desire for illicit enrichment.

Parliament has an important oversight role to play as outlined in the constitution. The Public Accounts Committee is a key parliamentary body with a mandate to help Zambians understand how the public monies appropriated by parliament through the national budget, have been expended.

Nalucha Nganga Ziba
ActionAid Country Director


  1. I believe ACC took note of Mr. Kabwe’s disrespectful conduct and will , therefore, be fully prepared when he appears for ‘interviews’.

  2. You should not blame him. He knew what he was doing. He might have noted a weaker point and thus took advantage of it. May be among the PAC members, there is one that Mr. Kabwe has some information that he has which can lead to a scandal. He was a senior government official and knows that PAC is a respected committee but may be he has some information that can put some member in problems.

  3. Very well explained, thanks mama. I was wondering at the audacity of the man to behave like that before people’s representatives.
    We have not forgotten how army officers were made to salute him as he disembarked from a ZAF helicopter.

  4. Awesome and timely advice. I like the way Madam have explained over Chanda arrogance and the extremely slow pace of UPND government to jail criminals who are boldened and daring it openly. PAC should have power bite and to cage the mps toe the line by help of speaker not this drama.
    These criminals have become so much arrogant that they dare the court’s and head of state. This madness Will only come to an end when they start jailing them one by one.

  5. Did you hear his side as well when he appeared before pre determined committee. If you didn’t then your comment is porridge ya tute


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