Pedro Sánchez of Spain re-elected as Prime Minister

Pedro Sánchez secured 179 votes in the 350-seat assembly

After arguing for weeks, Socialist leader Pedro Sánchez has won a vote in parliament to continue being the prime minister of Spain for another term.

He has gained enough votes to have more seats than any other group in the 350-seat room. This happened after making an agreement to forgive Catalans who tried to break away from Spain.

The Popular Party won the elections in July, but their leader Alberto Núñez Feijóo was not able to get enough support to lead the government.

Mr Sánchez said to the members of parliament that the amnesty agreement would help to “fix the pain. ”

He upset his rivals by depending on two Catalan political parties that want independence from Spain. They think his plan to forgive many politicians and activists will lead to another attempt to break away from Spain and divide the country.

The leader of the Socialist MPs received applause after the vote. But when the MPs left the Spanish Congress building, protesters booed them.

Over the weekend, many people in Spain protested and Mr. Feijóo said the prime minister is looking out for himself instead of the country.

On Thursday in parliament, Mr. Sánchez said that people trying to question if his new government is legitimate is part of a worldwide trend.

“He said we have seen it in the United States, Brazil, and other places where some political groups don’t accept the election results. ”

A group of Socialist politicians were followed and had eggs thrown at them while they were leaving a cafe near Congress. MP Herminio Sánchez was hit by an egg and delegates were told to be careful because the political situation was tense.

Buses from a conservative Catholic group called Hazte Oír drove by the congress building with signs against Sánchez on them. A picture of Sanchez was made to look like Adolf Hitler, with the words “Sánchez dictator. ”

A sign that his new government might not be very strong came from Ione Belarra. She is in a group of left-wing parties called Sumar, which is part of the new ruling team.

Podemos has not been asked to be in charge of any of the ministries in the new government. “The Socialist Party wants a government that agrees with them and does what they say,” she said unhappily.


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