Looking at what is happening on the KCM issue, it’s very clear that the PF regime did a very bad job. The issue was rushed there by overlooking the implications of the agreement binding the two parties together. ZCCM IH may have a very genuine grievance against Vedanta of protecting the interest of the Zambian people. But the manner it executed its grievance procedure will most likely be very harmful and costly to the Zambian people. Two wrongs cannot make a right. We therefore wish to advise the PF regime through ZCCM IH to swallow its pride and take a deep reflection on the matter before the Country is plunged into deep financial crisis.

PF should stop misleading Zambians that it has a good case on KCM. If that was the case why did the Court of Appeal stay the winding up process of the mine and referred the matter to the arbitrator in South Africa? We are aware that locally PF does not respect any law, but this madness should not be taken outside its boundaries. PF’s arrogance has led this Country into very deep financial crisis. PF will leave too many problems behind as they leave office next year.

The financial implications that will come as a result of disrespecting the terms on which the mine was sold will not be borne by PF, but ordinary people. If the investor was found wanting on the agreed terms and conditions first, we should also have been the first ones to lodge a complaint before the arbitrator against the investor. When we sold the mine we did so on terms and conditions that we agreed with the buyer. People must stop being irresponsible and careless when carrying out such sensitive duties, don t use emotions.

PF has very serious problems in monitoring the activities on the mines. It’s like when things were going wrong in KCM the whole Government machinery was sleeping. Only to wake up when it was too late and now they want to use draconian methods to cover up their inefficiency. The case of KCM is just one example of how rotten the PF monitoring system is. They say PUMBWE AFWILILE PALYAKWE.
Percy Chanda
UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter


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