Kasonde Mwenda


President Hakainde Hichilema is failing to plan development what then is his JOB? Why did the UPND wait for 5 months to elapse before they could Launch CDF guidelines late because now they are remaining with only 50 days to do everything and submit a compiled list of approved projects or else the K25.7 Million cannot be released as guided by the Law in the Constituency Development Fund Act No. 11 of 2018 of the Laws of Zambia mandates that:
15(1) a Committee shall submit to the Minister a proposed project list and the estimated costs of the proposed projects before the end of the month of March in each year in the prescribed manner and form to ensure timely release of funds.

Technically this money cannot be released before the following processes are done:

1.Advertise and call for project proposals,

2.Institute tender processes to receive bids which doesn’t take less than 2 months by Law,

3.Receive, analyse and approve all CDF project proposals across the country per Constituency,

4.Advertise and engage consultants,

  1. Compile project cost estimates and prepare BOQs,
  2. Get statutoral approvals from bodies such as ZEMA (EIAS which take not less that a month by law),
  3. Local government approvals for drawing for construction projects from planning departments which take not less that 3 months by law.

It is because of lack of dedication to work why our country is messed up. We advised the President to move to state house and get serious with work but we hear he gets to work by mid day as he wastes time in traffic, we told him to sit and work but he chose to be flying out of the country not less than two times per month. Now he has lost precious time and the country will suffer unless he breaks the law and do illegal short cuts because governance matters have timelines enshrine in Law.

Because of UPND POOR Planning and lack of foresight , the year 2022 is technically a wasted year concerning the K25.7 Million CDF fund no wonder they are now resorting to illegal schemes to just steal the money because the Law does not allow for investment of CDF money if it is not utilized according to the Constituency Development Fund Act No. 11 of 2018 of the Laws of Zambia 8(2): A local authority shall retain unutilised funds in the constituency account and investments shall not be permitted elsewhere..’

It is a pity our President HH is failing even to plan, he as himself to blame for being a failed project so early, we therefore advise the Youth to prepare for a Youth Revolution in 2026, HH is a failed Project as 2026 is a wasted year already. A Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF we will make sure that the President HH learns to respect the Law because no one is above the Law.

Wherever we want to go, our feet shall take us there.

Thank you and May God Bless Zambia.

Kasonde Mwenda C
Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF President


  1. Hallucinating ni mahala. You can not measure failure or success before someone’s time in office has lapsed. This is wild speculation based on hatred and bitterness.

    The calibre of the so called opposition is abysmal.

  2. What is Chainama doing about these deranged rascals masquerading as opposition? If Zambia is going to tolerate mad men as opposition leaders without a single member, then let’s kiss good bye to checks and balances.

  3. Uuuh this guy is a dreamer. What revolution? Why did you not revolute in PF government when cash was thrown in the streets by cadres? Agriculture was a messy, poverty was at it’s highest. Just appreciate your freedom. If it was under PF you could have been breathing blood by now. Ask Given Lubinda, Ask Sean Tembo, Ask Winter all these were beaten just for talking by PF Cadres. I am shocked you don’t appreciate this opportunity if change for the better

  4. Development projects aren’t tied to the calendar year. Sounds simple but it’s too complicated for dreamers who don’t live in the real world and are so used to seeing money being wasted.

  5. Hichilema has failed , only a bunch of Tongas don’t think so! Mwenda is right and has hit the nail on it’s middle spot. Any project has a time limit that’s why Hichilema is saying projects must be completed on time! A Tonga will see nothing wrong in a fellow Tonga, a Tonga will always think he can only be ruled by a fellow Tonga. That’s the biggest problem Tongas have. The whole country has now known Tongas and are well enlightened about Tonga behaviour, so prepare for he worst!

  6. The problem with social media platforms like ZO is that they publish eveñ tribal comments like Manganga’s. Why in the world would this tribal talk come in?

  7. On the contrary, Zambian Youths no longer pay attention to Politicians who are so full of Negativity!
    For those Youths who have not registered their businesses and cooperatives, take this preparatory delay by GRZ as an opportunity or grace period to come up to speed with your preparation!
    The Spirit of entrepreneurship demands resiliency in the face of whatever setbacks you encounter!
    Let’s learn from the Chinese and Japanese who are taught to look for opportunity in every calamity or setback!
    Think outside CDF also and take advantage presented by other sources of funding like SME Ministry, Venture Capital players on the market, take advantage of Grants offered by various missions.
    Don’t waste time on politicians who make you feel like the Sky is falling! Those are Energy Drainers! The best revolution is an Economic Boom one and not anarchy!
    Why chikubaba so iwe Kasonde Mwenda?
    Your bitterness will alienate more people against you. Learn from HH who turned around his political fortunes when he changed course from bitterness to forward-looking inspiring messages!

  8. Decentralisation is a big task. It requires a lot of reallignments, creation of Structures, and massive capacity building, and sensitisation.
    You cannot start with Resource allocation without an implementation framework premised on Structures..and without any guidelines.
    People raised these concerns way back in October 2021. And what did they get? Insults – Shut up. Rubbish. Bitter. Useless PF Cadre.Stupid.. etc. Bally is very intelligent and he knows what he is doing.
    Even concerning Free Education so called, the public wasn’t engaged to clearly explain what this entailed. Just some small briefings of School Managers which had more questions than answers.
    The Kaunda government was much more elaborate when introducing reforms in any sector. They did massive sensitisations whenever they made changes , so as to move with the people.
    We now have a disconnect between the Leadership and the led and it has become worse under the UPND. Its all about Bally and Bally only.
    Bally makes a statement on CDF using Facebook, and that is it. The Information Ministry doesn’t follow up to explain the statement in detail. The relevant line Minister is eating Groundnuts in Parliament, or appointing his sisters in State institutions. Not concerned until he starts drowning in confusion, then he issues guidelines.Meanwhile Boarding Schools are Already open..no guidelines on how to access CDF bursary.
    And communities are left in Confusion. If confusion can be seen in urban areas, what more in Rural Constituencies.
    Any way Bally is Intelligent. Lets see how the Resource Management through CDF and its Free Education twin will work out.
    These are flagship policies for the New Dawn government and more attention should have been accorded for successful implementation.

  9. If Tongas are the only problem we hv in Zambia, why didn’t the country get going whn there was no Tonga president since HH has only been president a couple of months? You hv just displayed your jaundiced thinking which is probably a product of years of indoctrination and not proper education which seeks to free people’s minds from such backward thinking. You have no respectable argument.


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