Emmanuel Mwamba

President Hichilema is Entrenching Dictatorship

By Amb.Emmanuel Mwamba

In any thriving Democracy the Judiciary is expected to be the last bastion of truth, civility and hope.

It has been defiled.

The Judiciary ought to be the last bastion of hope against tyrany and dictatorship. When all else fails, people run to the Judiciary, alive or dying, to obtain much needed redress.

But this may no longer be so in Zambia! We are in a quick race and detorariation into a fully fledged dictatorship.

Public Service workers are being victimized, transfered or fired on the assertions that they belong to the former Patriotic Front.

Institutions such as ZESCO and ZICTA have also been engaged in a systematic purge.

So the recent changes done by the Judicial Service Commission following a protest by UPND cadres at Lusaka Magistrate Complex and by State House entrenches the growing assertions and fears that President Hakainde Hichilema is engaged in a totalitarian control of all law enforcement agencies and all wings of Government.

Below is the Story;

Judicial Service Commission transfers Lusaka Magistrates out of the City

Lusaka-Tuesday 24th May 2022

Following a protest by ruling Lusaka UPND cadres at the Lusaka Magistrate Complex accusing some magistrates and judges of the Judiciary of being members of the Patriotic Front,the Judicial Service Commission has transferred the following Magistrates;

1.Changa Chitabo (Resident Magistrate).

2. Francis Sato (Resident Magistrate).

3.Betty Malupenga (Resident Magistrate).

4.Jenipher Bwalya (Principal Resident Magistrate).

5.Chinunda Chiwaula.

6. Racheal Sitatachi Mwansa(Ag Class I)

7.Dominic Makalicha (Chief Resident Magistrate).

8.Exilda Nsunge Chanda (Resident Magistrate).

9.Ntandose Sakala-Chabala(Senior Resident Magistrate).

10.Felix Kaoma (Resident Magistrate).

11. Alice Walusiku (Resident Magistrate).

Last week, Hon. Ro and Chitotela, Bowman Lusambo and Milingo Lusaka scored court battle victories that sparked a protest against the Judiciary.

President Hakainde Hichilema joined the angry fray of his cadres with his postings; “Ubuchenjeshi bwa Nkoko, Pungwa tasakamana” and his warning; “the perpetrators of the vice may flaunt short-lived victories, play victim and mock the institutions of law and order. However the long arm of the law and wheel of Justice will surely catch up with them”


  1. You are just jittery iwe, you don’t know what is coming for you and your fellow crooks. Justice is not only justice when thieves get away with their loot, how about those from whom they stole, what justice do they get?

    You cannot have people who are supposed to deliver justice taking sides with the criminals. It is not done.

    • But where is justice supposed to come from? Is it not from courts of law? Now if you start intimidating the source of justice by transferring the source of justice, what kind of justice are you going to come up with?

  2. HH does not work at the judiciary to transfer magistrates and Judges. Besides, we do not have a law that prohibits transfers of Lusaka based magistrates/judges to other towns in Zambia.

    The argument by Amb. Mwamba is illogical, because it infers a meaning that magistrates/judges in Lusaka should be only work in Lusaka and those in rural should remain there…what a thinking!

    It equally appears PF had planted cadres at the judiciary in particular in Lusaka, hence this outburst from our Ambassador.

    For instance we all know that Ambassador Mwamba operated as a PF cadre before and during elections. He was a in the PF media team while serving as a Civil Servant.

    Which President can not transfer such a Civil Servant?

  3. You should even be grateful they are not retired in national interest they have been given chance to be above board same goes for so many others still holding their positions in current Government.
    If they feel they can carry on doing business as they did before with underhand methods it will certainly end in transfers in fact this will do them some good maybe they can work on there ethical and moral side of doing things.

  4. Ba Mwamba is behaving like He has never been to school. Its sad that such characters were people who were serving the country in a high position as ambassador.No wonder zambia is in such a state….

    • The outrage by Praise Singers should fall squarely on the Security Forces who prepare evidence for prosecution that these Majestrates have to preside over and adjudicate upon the cases.
      Do not expect Majestrates to pass wrong judgement just to please the Party in power.
      The THREE CASES OF BOWMAN LUSAMBO,CHITOTELA AND MILINGO LUNGU have one common denominator which is that ACC did not properly do their work and one cannot victimize Majestrates for the outcome.

  5. Just been transfered from Lusaka to Lukulu, is think justice,I don’t think so, the Govt just taken me to where my services are more need and think I will be more effective there, so no problems with that bcoz when we join govt we pledge to work anywhere

  6. First of all it is wrong to address Emmanuel Mwamba as Ambassador when he is a former ambassador. Secondly, Emmanuel Mwamba is not appointed spokesman for Zambian’s. Third, Emmanuel Mwamba is useless and he thinks he is very wise to pass comments on every National matter’s. Fourth, Emmanuel Mwamba is bitter and he feels like something has chokied him and this is so because of the unexpected heavy defeat his party experienced. Cool and slow down if you want to be respected than exhibing foolishness everrytime. Zambia is a Nation with millions of people who are wise than you Mr. Mwamba Emmanuel. If they keep quiet they know the reason and your wide loose mouth will soon turn against you. The judges are transfered as government officials and still on government payroll. It is just 9 months when people’s jobs were threatened through retirement in one man’s interest, ECL terminated employment contracts for anyone perseved as opposition sympathizers. That was real tarany and dictatorship. Zambia is not for PF members o ly for you to participate on every issue. You are proving your foolishness.

  7. If you all recall, FTJ Chiluba died at home and he was brought in dead (BID) at Marina Soko. Then BY Mwila scared Chiluba’s children from getting a postmortem done on Kafupi so he died without people knowing what killed him. Now, Emmanuel Mwamba was the last person seen with FTJ before he was found dead. There is a homicide here & Emmanuel must be arrested as a suspect. In short, Chiluba’s body must be exhumed!

  8. He needs to be transfered to Mukobeko prison also, if he thinks HH is the transferer of wicked people I will tell my president to take him out of Lusaka to the village.

  9. The real problem here unfortunately is that Top members and leaders of the former regime have advised that they left behind Civil Service workers in sensitive positions chosen by them to block and frustrate the efforts of this government.

    While we appreciate this self confessed threat by the acting or interim President of PF, it is in order and imperative for the current administration to insulate themselves from this planned activity.

    Transfering or reshuffling some workers is a kind attempt to ensure that those planted can in the process be removed from where they have been causing damage and sabotage as advised by some leaders in the past regime. This is a smart move. It enhances checks and balances.

    We sincerely, thank Ba Honourable Given Lubinda for bringing out this Very important observation of potential national sobotagers. On this one he has acted as a true patriot in offering sincere checks and balance even though it puts him and the rest of the past regime in bad light. Let’s hear more of the such kinds of plans that were executed. Please speak more of some these issues. It helps to deal directly with the problem than going round and round.

  10. The daily lamentations at it again. Only the guilty ones are worried and affected. Judicial reforms have started . Justice for all. Criminals you are in hot soup.

  11. Iwee, chimwamba, ulimbwafye, just go to hell, ngachakukalipa. Your party destroyed the judiciary, next, chipaseni chi Concourt, all those on that court, are not qualified. Let them go and work in high court and Supreme Court. They are just drawing salaries for nothing. They only seat 3 times a year. What a waste of money, kwena chagwa, was something else.
    Elyo, iwee, ka mwamba, shut up.

    • I 100% support that thought of dismantling the concourt. I feel it has caused more harm to the judiciary than any other court. The court has passed more questionable judgements in it’s few years of existance than any other courts despite only constitutional cases which are very few in number. So I wonder why we still need it when we were just fine with the 4 courts we had in the past.

  12. Emmanuel Mwamba is a big fool and unwise person who comments on anything even on things he doesn’t understand. The judiciary under the PF government was partisan and corrupt. Edgar Lungu appointed weak and incompetent persons to positions of judges thereby destroying the independent operations of Courts of Law.

    Next move should be to transfer and reshuffle partisan and incompetent judges at High Court and the useless Constitutional Court. The Judicial Service Commission should be allowed to do their job of cleaning the mess and filthy in the judiciary.

  13. Well done Judicial Service Commission, This was long overdue. Please look at the Constitutional Court and move out those who are not qualified.

    The Public Service Management Division (PSMD) must do likewise. Transfer people from rural areas to urban areas and vice versa. Most civil servants in urban areas spend most of their time attending to their business instead of attending to the Public.The service delivery is non existent in majority of government depts.
    The Ministry of Health is another area where action is needed. You have heads of Hospitals who don’t know why they are heads. Work is left for interns and students while they do their errands.The waiting time is catastrophic. People literately die while waiting to be attended.

  14. You cannot trust anything that comes out of the mouth of any chap with an upper lip nearly double the size of the lower one and always has a smile of a serial sex pest plastered on his face. This vitriol tribal bigot stinks, someone must tell him his Bembastan project has crashed!

  15. We have not forgotten how HH was accused of everything including drought.
    It’s clear PF are still in shock that Zambians made HH president … Kikikiki
    Ako wasulile ni ka daddy lelo … Kikikiki
    So some people were in government and don’t know how the Judicial Service Commission works?
    You have seen nothing yet. Wait. The end of all nonsense came on 12 August 2021.

  16. Govts all over the world transfer workers! This is to avoid familiarity. After magistrate has been at one station for too long they should be moved to other towns to give chance to others to work in big towns, ok

  17. Mwamba I beg you to go and visit Mumbi Phiri. We don’t need you as much as she does. Stop ignoring her. She was part of your chipani. If you write anything else without visiting her we will all know that you are heartless and fake

  18. That its why PF needs to go for convention so that we can listen from
    one PF president. For now everyone thinks they can become PF president, a case of campaigning without brains.
    A case of overrating oneself.


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