He wrote….

This afternoon we swore in several government officials among them; High Court Judge, Commissioner of Lands and Permanent Secretaries for various Ministries.

To the High Court Judge, we stated that Zambians expect justice in real time because justice delayed is justice denied.

And to the commission of lands, we emphasised that land belongs to Zambians first and that joint ventures with others and for purposes of development are welcome. No thug or cadres should walk into someone’s piece of land and start sharing it amongst themselves, we detest that and we won’t allow it.

And to the Permanent Secretaries, we stated that they must never ever do what their predecessors in the previous regime used to do and that is issuing payment instructions including awarding of dubious contracts for goods and services which were never meant to be delivered. We stated that anyone hoping to carry on with such, will surely not appreciate our approach to service delivery because you the voters out there expect results.

We are optimistic that together we will turn around our country’s economy and deliver the jobs and business opportunities for our people.

The economy works in such a way that when there is order in the country, investment grows and this is why immediately we assumed office we reined in on lawlessness in the country. In order to cushion some economic challenges that come with parents looking for fees for their children from Grades 1 to 12, we scrapped school fees and PTA. This is a stepping stone to ensuring education for all.

We are on the path to creating a better Zambia and together, we shall do so.

Once more congratulations to all those given an opportunity to serve you, Zambians and like we say, it is not service to oneself but the people and anyone hoping to serve people under the watch of the current times, must search their souls because there are too many eyes watching.

God bless you all.

God bless Zambia.

Hakainde Hichilema
President of the Republic of Zambia



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