Prophet To Marry The Wife Of Member Of His Praise Team



Lily Mutamz Tv writes:


we as a church are bleeding for our FATHER in the LORD I am one of PROPHET TL KELVIN’s spiritual SON from (MORE THAN CONQUERORS CHURCH).

A year of joining the Church rumors spread that our father was involved with a married woman who happened to be the secretary of the Church/spiritual daughter; MUTSA we all were in denial sister MUTSA’s husband MR LUFUNDA was part of the church” he was incharge of music systems in Church and a very dedicated member papa had a fiance called MOLISA NK.. I come to learn about her from son’s and daughters that were close to papa, I hear papa left her for MUTSA.

MR LUFUNDA pleaded to have a meeting with papa to help fix his marriage but papa refused, the dispute in his marriage was due to the huge financial support papa rendered to the wife and late outings with papa, this information was given to us by these 2 guys CHARLES AND BLESSINGS in the Church, Though it came as a surprise we all defended our Father and become his cadres fighting everyone that contributed to the accusations, MUTSA was given access to all Papa’s cars moving around with papa to different places hotel’s restaurants out of the country Etc…. She influenced everyone in the Church to address her as “MAMA”

Though we all considered her to be our sister in Lord/ PAPA’S spiritual daughter?
Just last month we received shocking and disturbing news in the Church that our FATHER whom we defended with our life’s and supported him is now marrying MUTSA this month.

How do I pray knowing the Shame our father has brought in the house of the Lord.
How do I pray knowing that all the accusation were true????
My father my prophet has broken a home! He’s broken someone’s marriage!
I nolonger feel the presence and anointing of God. Papas behavior has drastically changed Lust has overpowered him sleeping with every Skirt in the Church.
Spiritual Sons and daughters are fornicating sleeping with married woman within the Church they say papa is our role model.
the Church has decreased in numbers genuine people have left, Papa is surrounded by fake people that can’t rebuke him.
the Church has became SODOM AND GOMORRAH almost every girl in church is bragging of sleeping with papa without any shred of doubt i feel embarrassed.

When the news came of papa’s marriage we held a meeting within the Church of how the marriage has to be stopped but papa didn’t show up for the meeting… I can assure you that people that celebrate sister MUSTA on Facebook within the Church are pretending they secretly call her by her nickname ati ba [email protected] bamu church ( THE PRO$TITUTE OF THE CHURCH) who left her HUSBAND for MONEY….

Servant of God I don’t know wether to continue going to this church or remain as an obedient son that I’ve always been am confused? I can assure you that God is not in this church.
Pray for my father prophet TL KELVIN he is the Son to PROPHET BUSHIRI , I was triggered to write this coz I feel a heavy burden within my spirit his under a spell whatever is happening in the Church is not normal. pray for my SPIRITUAL FATHER🙇 this Woman will destroy his ministry coz papa’s family is against her they don’t like her including the Church.


  1. Why waste ur breath asking if u shud stay in the church. Yes u r a gullible church goer, who believes in men NOT God. Why r u even still calling him your father or papa? Ur salvation and relationship is between u & JESUS. NOT between u and ur so called papa “idol”

    • Well put John, these so called church goers are the problem but unfortunately they do not see that. As mush as we should not judge them, they are completely lost. They need to change their allegiance to God and not these pathetic crooks they call papa, prophet or father.


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