RIGHT TO REPLY: Zambia Under-17 Women’s National Team Coach, Kaluba Kangwa, Has Responded


Augustine Mukoka
RIGHT TO REPLY: Zambia Under-17 Women’s National Team Coach, Kaluba Kangwa, Has Responded

Following revelations published yesterday that Zambia under-17 coach women’s national team coach Kaluba Kangwa has admitted impregnating a soccer player believed to be 15 years old in 2013, but has denied allegations he has sexually abused anyone.

Kaluba says he has since married the girl (now a woman) after the pregnancy. He says allegations published yesterday were false. The girl was at the time in secondary school and due to the pregnancy had to stop to focus on motherhood.

While Kaluba denies the allegations, I stand by the revelations as the scourge is rampant and his activities at Bauleni United Sports Academy (BUSA) are among the worst.

Here is part of my exchanges with him yesterday.

Dear Augustine,

Well, well, well, this is really a challenge to see your own people fighting you and your own people after your life! what have i done wrong to you and everyone? I have never done anything wrong to you and everyone! why are you doing this to me! am just a simple and matured man, very responsible in my life, Am saddened to see this and the way you are judging me!
Anyway, zikomo kwambili for your work and your mission. Am a very innocent person and the damage you have caused to my family is deep, to my life is deep, to my career is deep! God is my witness but the truth will come out. Lesa amipale for your works.

Blessed Day

Good afternoon sir,

Thank you for your message. I am sure we have never met. However, I have been in sports journalism for sometime now.

So, I have nothing personal against you.

There are numerous allegations against you and the girls which very close people to you have confided in me.

The same people have talked to you about these allegations and you have confirmed to them.

I put Prof. Oscar Mwaanga on the spotlight because he has never been mentioned in these allegations, but when he was mentioned I thought I should reach out to him.

When I reached out to him, I expressed my disappointment in him and why he didn’t take action as a leader when the incident happened in 2013.

My prayer is that we go to an independent inquiry so that those who have been through BUSA can testify.

If you feel aggrieved and feel very confident that you’re innocent, please commence legal action so we can summon everyone by means of subpoena to testify under oath what has been happening at BUSA under your watch.

May God bless you too.

Kaluba responds;

Ba Augusting, Natotela sana for everything!


Am so excited that finally someone has come out to expose him, there are celebrations in bauleni right now.

So this man is a pedophile who takes advantage of the small girls he coaching. He was staying alone at his house in [text redacted for alleged perpetrator’s location for security reasons] and would ask the girls to go and wash, cook even clean for him. What used to amuse me is how a single man would spend the whole day with girl at his house alone. Honestly what would a single man be doing with a girl at his house whole day?. It was later discovered that most of these girls would get pregnant and he would have them abort it or even denying it and forcing the young girls to point at someone else. Last year, three of the girls he coaches and used to spend time at his house got pregnant. The names are Doreen [text redacted], Salome [text redacted] just to mention a few. A lot of people are willing to give out information and I would urge you to carry out an investigation that side and bring this man to justice.

NOTE: At least five credible sources have collaborated on the information the anonymous source sent yesterday. Some of the sources state that Kaluba has a spiritual problem when it comes to sex that must be exorcised. I hope authorities will expedite the setting up of an independent inquiry in the FAZ sex scandal. I respect the principle of our jurisprudence that we are all innocent until proven guilty. The same applies to Kaluba in as much as the information and evidence about his sex escapades in Bauleni is overwhelming.

Photo Credit: Kaluba Kangwa


  1. What do you have against this man kanshi? Why do you find it difficult to convince the “victims” to report to police so that the matter can be taken up and all perpetrators, including those that covered up these are taken to court? So your new “anonymous” source used to spend whole day spying on this coach’s house to see that he would spend a whole day alone with a girl? That’s what bachelor’s do when in relationships mwe.
    Look I do not know this Kaluba, didn’t even know about BUSA till you started your smear campaign against coaches in women soccer. Is this an effort to boost your own career? I did not know about you either until now. A commission of inquiry will not achieve anything. Lodging acomplaint to court can get the culprits punished and justice for the alleged victims. All you have done is destroy Kaluba’s family and you are aiming at destroying his career. If you have failed to excel in your career do not take it out on others. I feel sad for that coach’s family.

    • You sound like you have sympathy for Kaluba. He can easily defend himself in the courts of law if he is being defamed. Why this defence of the coach? Do you condone or even practice this type of behaviour? Let them duke it out in a court of law.

  2. It is hypocracy to write such an article of denouncing and killing your fellow zambian. This is shit hole article. Zambians are too jealous and will not develop as a country. This is a stupid article. If you have evidence take him to court instead of scandalising a fellow zambian. Zambia will not go anywhere with this kind of thinking

    • It is not the writer’s job to take this coach to court, it is the victims. The writer’s job is to expose wrong behavior of this coach.


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