By Kellys Kaunda

Pastor Shibeleki of Libala SDA Church encouraged church members to apply for CDF and justified it in the context of the Bible which commands human beings to be productive.

Some of the reactions to the pastor’s Bible study echoed his message by encouraging church members to apply for CDF while others, writing on social media, called the pastor’s support for CDF as being political saying “if you want to join us in politics, just say so”.

“Since when did SDA pastors get interested in Governance issues “, another comment said while yet another asked, “is it because the President is your church member”.

Here is my take

From 1982 when l became an Adventist to this day, Just about every sermon l have heard from an Adventist pulpit has been placed in the modern context.

This context is the social, economic, political and spiritual state of the 21st century. Context is key to understanding the Bible and what God is saying to every generation of humanity.

When Jesus preached, he used examples of a sower sowing seed, for example, because he preached to an agricultural community. Jesus expects His followers to place His teachings in the social context of the times.

CDF is an appropriate example to use when preaching the Bible doctrine on working or productivity. In the Old and New Testaments, one finds plenty of references to the need for someone to work.

The Jews took to heart the Old Testament teaching regarding hardwork. It is therefore unsurprising that they are some of the most hardworking people no matter where they are.

There are also a lot of references in the Bible to show how secular rulers must provide for the wellbeing of those they rule. It is therefore not true to equate Pastor Shibeleki’s reference to CDF to partisan politics.

Individual members must be encouraged to work genuinely and access facilities offered by government. It is the church in its official capacity that l would not encourage to get CDF to fund God’s work because the latter is to be accomplished by those that are moved by personal conviction of the love of God.

So my fellow Adventists, go and apply for CDF and expand your territory.


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