Chris Mall
Chris Mall

Socialist Party is the Only Solution to Zambia’s Economic Mess – Chris Mall

Lusaka…. Wednesday, June 29, 2022 (Smart Eagles)

The Socialist Party has maintained that socialism is the only solution that the country has to come out of the economic challenges being faced.

SP National Mobilization Committee member Chrispin Chiinda said the country is currently in a mess adding that the UPND has proven to be a capitalist organization without home grown solutions.

Mr Chiinda said the economic challenges ordinary people are faced with don’t need speeches as the effects are felt in homes.

He said this 5FM’s “The Burning Issue” program yesterday were he was joined by other party members who shared their views on pertinent national issues.

“For how long will our copper be exploited? How long are we going to stay without enjoying our treasure? Our God given treasure is copper but for how long are we going to stay without enjoying our own natural recourses? For how long are we going to stay without depending on ourselves,” he wondered.

Mr Chiinda, alias Chris Mall, implored citizens to take time to understand the ideology of the Socialist Party.

He said the SP prioritizes the welfare and needs of ordinary citizens and that why is why the party is attractive and currently, the fastest growing opposition establishment in the country.

Meanwhile, the community leader said he would not say anything bad about the PF because as much as the former ruling party had bad eggs in it, it also had good men and women that meant well.

“We don’t want to say anything bad about the PF. PF as a political party had bad eggs but it also has good people from whom we have learnt a lot of things. And yes, it had its own weaknesses but also its own strength,” he said.

“In this country, the problem that we have is we try by all means to tarnish other people’s names. Look at what is coming out from the so called Honey B scandal. Its now coming out that the Honey Bee Scandal was a hoax – this is according to a Parliamentary committee on health led by a UPND MP and that is the information now coming out from there. So it is very unfortunate that through malice and propaganda, individuals are dented.”


  1. Socialist party is pf part 2.nothing new. Ba Chris mall you are a very honorable man and well respected but socialist party being run by someone who failed to run a newspaper trying to run government, wrong move .


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