South Africa’s ANC blasts  ‘imperialist puppet’ Chamisa, affirms Zanu-PF alliance

ANC Secretary General Comrade Fikile Mbalula

SOUTH Africa’s ruling party, the African National Congress (ANC), has affirmed its ideological standing with Zanu-PF as the two liberation movements share the same views towards building an alternative multi-polar world, which is against imperialist exploitation fronted by opposition outfits such as the Nelson Chamisa-led Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC).

ANC secretary-general Cde Fikile Mbalula said this while addressing an ANC gathering in the neighbouring country. He said the ANC was wary of some political forces that did not want to see his party associating with Zimbabwe’s ruling party.

Cde Mbalula’s sentiments come at a time when Zimbabwe has just emerged from holding harmonised elections last week in which President Mnangagwa and Zanu-PF emerged victorious with the opposition rejecting poll outcome claiming rigging which has become the norm.

“We might have problems with Zanu-PF but in Zimbabwe, you must know what is progressive and our ally is Zanu-PF but reactionaries do not want us to say that,” he said. “Nelson Chamisa and his allies are not our allies. They don’t speak our language. They are not with us in this new world agenda of the alternative multi-polar world we want to build, they’re not with us.

“They’re with the neo-liberals, and the liberal agenda in the world,” said Cde Mbalula.

He said the ANC does not subscribe to the ideals of the opposition in Zimbabwe.

“We are anti-imperialists. So, any political party that perpetuates the entrenchment of neo-colonialism and imperialism is not our ally. Our allies can be committing blunders, including the former liberation movements, but they remain our allies,” said Cde Mbalula.

South Africa is part of the BRICS bloc that includes Brazil, Russia, India and China, a body of superpowers who want to change the world economic order previously in the hands of Western countries.

While Western countries are known for meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nations, the BRICS bloc favours non-interference in domestic politics.

Countries under BRICS have congratulated President Mnangagwa and Zimbabweans for holding peaceful elections but the West led by the United States of America, has chosen to criticise the electoral process.

The Government has also castigated former Vice-President of Zambia Dr Nevers Mumba who led the Sadc Election Observer Mission for overstepping his mandate by producing an adverse report while undermining Zimbabwean institutions.

Dr Mumba failed to declare his personal interests before taking the position of the head of the Sadc Election Observer Mission and his feelings were made clear when he presented the preliminary report that did not reflect the region’s position.

His views were seen as part of the coveted plan to force regime change in the country through discrediting the country’s polls. However, regional countries have since endorsed Zimbabwe’s election in a clear departure from Dr Mumba’s report.

Meanwhile, Cde Mbalula said it was normal that the ANC government is facing criticism from other political parties as this is the price of governing.

He said his party has laid the foundation for the development of South Africa hence it should not lose grip on power as it will be difficult to regain it.

“You know if we were to lose power comrades, we will never come back easily because the development and boom of this economy is coming. And those who will win will look like they’re nice guys who understand where this country is going yet it would have been due to the work done by the ANC,” said Cde Mbalula.

“It’s easy for anyone to open their mouths and criticise and that’s what you suffer as an incumbent. Your task as an incumbent is to stay true to what you’re supposed to do.

“That’s why, as I conclude, we must never be tolerant to people who are deployed but not doing the right things.”- chronicle


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