Sunak was sceptical of Rwanda plan – Documents indicate

Rishi Sunak
Rishi Sunak

Rishi Sunak wasn’t sure about sending migrants to Rwanda when he was in charge, according to BBC documents.

They say Mr Sunak wanted to make No 10’s first plans smaller.

They also show that he wasn’t sure if the plan would actually stop people from crossing the Channel.

They recommend that he didn’t want to pay for housing for migrants in special centers, and preferred to use hotels or private homes because they are less expensive.

As the leader of the government, Mr Sunak has made the Rwanda plan a very important task because his party wanted him to.

The plan to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda for processing and possibly resettling them was first announced by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in April 2022. This is to stop people from crossing the English Channel in small boats.

Mr Sunak became prime minister in October 2022. Before that, he was in charge of the country’s money as the Chancellor of the Exchequer when the Rwanda policy was talked about.

Legal problems have caused the deal to be delayed many times. No asylum seekers have been sent from the UK yet.

The No 10 papers were made in March 2022. Johnson wanted Mr. Sunak to agree to give more money for the plan. This happened shortly before the agreement with Rwanda to handle migrants was made.

They say that Mr. Sunak was worried about how much it would cost to send asylum seekers to the African country, and he wanted to start with only a few people.

They say the chancellor wants to start with fewer items at first, 500 instead of 1,500 in the first year, and 3,000 instead of 5,000 in years two and three.

The final plan’s numbers were never confirmed, but in April 2022 the BBC saw where asylum seekers would stay. It was believed to have enough room for up to 500 people per year, which matches Mr. Sunak’s arguments

The papers show that No 10 and 11 Downing Street disagree on whether the proposed plan will work. The chancellor thinks it won’t.

Mr Sunak doesn’t want to pay for places where migrants can stay, like the Greek-style reception centers. Instead of housing them in hotels, which is costing £3. 5 million each day.

They say the chancellor doesn’t want to pay for places where people can stay without being locked up, like the reception centers in Greece, because hotels are cheaper.

The papers show that the Treasury wanted to send migrants to live in different parts of the country, which is called “dispersal”.

The papers also show that No 10 recommended telling Mr. Sunak to think about how much people like him if he didn’t want to agree to changes to the migration system, including the plan for Rwanda.

The UK Supreme Court said the proposal is not allowed, but the prime minister wants to make a new law so that planes can fly to Rwanda.

However, the news about his uncertainty over the plan might cause problems, especially since some MPs in his party want him to do more to achieve his target of stopping migrants from crossing the Channel, which could mean leaving the European Convention on Human Rights.

Someone who knows the prime minister well told the BBC: “The prime minister always supported the idea of the program as a way to discourage people from doing something. ”

“His job as chancellor was to make sure the government worked well and spent taxpayers’ money wisely. ”

A government official said, “Rishi, as the chancellor, provided funding for the Rwanda scheme and made it a central part of his 10-point plan just one month after becoming the Prime Minister. ”

“Now he is approving the Rwanda Bill because the Supreme Court said it’s okay to start flying again. He is the first leader to ever see a decrease in small boat crossings, which were down by 36% last year.

Labour MP Yvette Cooper said the Tories’ Rwanda scheme is fake and Rishi Sunak is now weak.

The prime minister knew the plan would cost a lot of money and wouldn’t work. He didn’t like the plan when he was in charge of the money. He is very weak and agreed to give Rwanda £400 million without visiting there, to try to make people trust him as a leader.

The Tories always go for flashy ideas instead of handling important issues, like Rwanda or hotels.

“It’s time for them to stop pretending and start following Labour’s plan to take action against the criminal smuggling gangs, make a new security deal with Europe to improve border protection, and create a new team to quickly remove people who shouldn’t be in the UK. ”

What is the plan for helping refugees from Rwanda.

Some asylum seekers arriving in the UK would be sent to Rwanda for processing as part of a five-year trial.

When they arrive, they might be given refugee status and permitted to remain. If not, they could try to live there for different reasons, or ask for protection in a different country.

The government said that anyone who comes to the UK illegally after 1 January 2022 could be sent back to their country, and there would be no limit on how many people could be sent back.

However, up to now, no person asking for safety has been sent away.

The first flight was supposed to happen in June 2022, but it got canceled because of legal problems.

The government says the policy would stop people from coming to the UK in dangerous or illegal ways, like on small boats across the English Channel.

In January 2023, Mr Sunak said that one of his main focuses was to stop boats from coming.

Last month, he promised to continue the work of bringing back the plan after immigration minister Robert Jenrick resigned. Jenrick quit because he thought the government’s new policy wouldn’t work.


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