STATEMENT BY COL. Bizwayo NKUNIKA (rtd), former Amb. to the UK, RSA, Egypt and Nigeria

Subject: Leave soldiers out of political hooliganism

Issued April 7, 2022

I have followed with grave concern the statement issued by one Chilufya Tayali and subsequent media publication regarding an illegally obtained military signal, which borders on mutinous conduct by the soldiers involved and the former.

Tayali’s conduct and that of the soldiers believed to have met with him to complain about their conditions of service further borders on mutiny as the soldiers are clearly disobeying and disregarding superior orders as communicated by the command.

The law is very clear in this regard where inciting a mutiny could earn, in this instance Tayali up to 25 years imprisonment and if the mutineers shed blood, the offence could escalate to a coup attempt, which carries a death sentence.

Tayali displayed a military signal – a classified military communication on delayed reviewed salaries for soldiers.

There is no ambiguity in Section 48 of the Penal Code, where it states that, any person who advisedly attempts to seduce any person serving in the Defence Forces or any member of the Zambia Police Force from his duty and allegiance to the President; or to incite any such persons to commit an act of mutiny or any traitorous or mutinous act; or to incite any such persons to make or endeavour to make a mutinous assembly is guilty of a felony, and is liable to imprisonment for life.

The questions that beg for genuine and explicit answers are: how did he get this classified communication?

Who gave him this classified communication? What authority did he have to address soldiers and giving them assurances? What did he mean when he made those assurances? Who is he working with?

Whoever gave him the classified communication is an enemy agent or saboteur of the state. So, he has a lot of explaining to do because he has no mandate to address troops on conditions of work.

I also wish to advice those sympathising with Tayali that we should not take clowns and professional beggars and misguided publicity seekers to incite military upheavals.

Those speaking on behalf of Tayali and defending his mutinous conduct should tread very carefully because they may be misconstrued to be his sponsors and may have to answer a few questions also.

Tayali, his friends and sponsors must keep political hooliganism out of the military barracks because once hell breaks loose, the military will spare nobody.

Payments to soldiers are a process that follow procedures. Breaching these procedures or inciting disorder can amount to inciting mutiny, espionage or even sedition.

Supporting such display of dangerous talk by seducing those serving in the Defence Force can propel national security into free-fall to the perils of bloodshed and tears.

Issued by Col. B. Nkunika (rtf)



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