Fred M'membe


Our desperation for foreign investors and development shouldn’t lead us to ignore the negative historical processes associated with these people, with their mining corporations that haven’t entirely disappeared as yet. We cannot forget that we are being subjected to forms of neo colonialism that are sometimes worse than the old colonial methods, that the plunder of our resources still continues.

In spite of all the stratagems that have been designed to limit our ability to think for ourselves, our people are again today rising to say No to imperialist subjugation, plunder and humiliation. Our struggle is a very serious one which most of these people are belittling and are not taking seriously. We are preparing for battles that aren’t at all like that children’s game. Again, there’s need for reflection on the national liberation of our people, chained by backwardness and balkanisation.

The current regime of imperialist puppets is opening up our country and our people to neo colonialism. They are facilitating, abating, condoning the conquest, colonisation and the dissolution of the awareness of our identity and history. Now, when some people once again want to ‘discover’ and conquer us like Cecil John Rhodes and his mining corporation, BSA, did in 1891 and later handed us over to Oppenheimer and Anglo, we must have ideological weapons with which to defend ourselves against those real dangers.

What we truly seek is the true liberation and development of our people. By pointing this neo colonialism and the growing imperialism in our motherland, I am giving vent to a 131-year-old resentment and inviting those who subjugated us, plundered us, exploited and humiliated us to join us in seeking mutual understanding.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. What is the socialist who avoids paying taxes telling us. What has the 57 years of denouncing colonial rule given us? Only a broken and debt ridden economy. Where does the so called Zambian socialist by the name of Fred want to take us? Off course he is scheming to deliver us and the country into the hands of Russians. I am here to tell him that he should alone follow the Russians and Chinese. What those who keep on condemning colonialist forget deliberately is that the UK has changed from what it was during the colonial days. As we are talking there are many black MPs in England compared to Zambia if you have any White MPs. So let us face facts and seek friendship and cooperation with UK.

  2. Sheer nonsense if not hypocritical for Fred Mmembe to call others Imperialist puppets.
    Who does he think he is himself? Nothing but a Communist puppet. Gone are the old days of an outdated political system but the fella doesn’t even realise it. Fred is just taking advantage of the inexperienced and ill educated youth that don’t know what happened to Socialism/Communism and how it dragged many countries into endemic poverty including the so called Eastern bloc countries that Fred Mmembe worships!

  3. Neither Russia or China are socialist or communist and haven’t been for over 25 years. They both operate capitalist economies.
    Is it now the fad to talk any nonsense and these online outlets just publish? What has changed now? Only that HH is an articulate promoter of Zambia and its interest to the international community. Not a drunk who used public funds to go dancing in foreign countries and watch bare breasted women, while stealing with impunity. I will take the HH version any day.
    Zambia has been accepting donor funds and allowing investments from these same ‘imperialist’ countries since independence. M’membe has suddenly noticed?

  4. Mmm… this is seriously worrying, having a government without opposition to provide sound checks and balances. Free education is on the go, please M’membe go back to school for Civic education may be you will be noticed on your return. For now ni no bwino-bwino…

  5. Socialism is brought in dead in Zambia. Only a foolish politician like M’membe thinks socialism is a solution. Which Zambian would like to have their private houses appropriated to the state under the leadership of M’membe? Serious leaders are trying to improve the participation of Zambians in the private sector and to invest in value adding ventures while this M’membe is busy promoting an ideology which will even kill the nascent private sector emerging in Zambia. Can this M’membe elaborate how he hopes to introduce socialism in Zambia and its implication to freedoms and rights of Zambians to own property free from state seizures??

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