I’M ACCUSTOMED TO UPND LIES…most Zambians know they’re just a bunch of shameless pathological liars- Edgar Lungu

Edgar Lungu

I’M ACCUSTOMED TO UPND LIES…most Zambians know they’re just a bunch of shameless pathological liars, says Lungu

By Fanny Kalonda(The Mast )

PERSONALLY I am now accustomed to lies from this regime, says former president Edgar Lungu.

Lungu, the PF president, says he has no property or business in Eswatini.

“Good morning, personally I am now accustomed to lies from this regime. The consolation is that most Zambians now know that they are just a bunch of shameless pathological liars. Lying even when it’s needless…” he said. “In the Eswatin chapter of falsehoods, why can’t they follow up the matter starting with law enforcement agencies here at home, and seek support from international crime busters? They can’t do this because they know that what they are saying about me is all hogwash!”

Lungu, in a statement, explained that he is not surprised about the malicious allegations because the UPND government has gone to great lengths in throwing all manner of baseless accusations at him.

“A report from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) titled: ‘Swazi Secrets – a glimpse inside the tiny Kingdom’, has been brought to my attention. Further, and following this report, the minister in charge of housing and infrastructure in Zambia Mr Charles Milupi, is quoted in one of our local tabloids challenging me to explain the source of the money for my investment or properties in Eswatini. A casual read of the ICIJ report shows that the report is based on unverified information, innuendos and in many cases, utter lies. The report, inter alia, alleges that I own a luxurious property in Eswatini. The truth of the matter, however, is that I own no property in Eswatini,” he said in a statement yesterday. “During my official visit to Eswatini as head of state in 2018, the King – His Majesty Mswati III – during exchange of gifts, offered me a plot on which he proposed I could build a house. The empty plot was in a gated golf estate and architectural drawings of the proposed house were prepared. I was extremely grateful for the offer from His Majesty, King Mswati III, but I chose not to take it up particularly after the hullabaloo in Zambia, alleging that the gift was not declared. Therefore, it can clearly be seen that this is not a new allegation. It has been popping up occassionally, especially from malicious people whose fervent desire is to paint me black. I have elected to remain silent all this time out of deep respect for His Majesty, King Mswati III who made that offer in very good faith.”

Lungu said he has now been compelled to respond because “I didn’t expect a senior minister in government to throw such a challenge at me when the government – using the state machinery – can easily establish the truth of the matter”.

“I am not surprised, however, because this government has gone to great lengths in throwing all manner of baseless accusations at me. Similarly, the attack on the Zambian businessman who has settled in Eswatini for decades and has made the Kingdom his home, is clearly malicious. The Zambian government offers business opportunities and construction jobs to many international companies from different nations such as China, Turkey, Japan, South Africans, to name but a few. In this vein, Inyatsi company which is associated with Mr Michelo Shakantu has enjoyed doing business in Zambia even before I became president,” said Lungu. “His company, to my knowledge, has had footprint of business since the days of president Levy Mwanawasa to date.

It is, therefore, malicious and mischievious to suggest or portray that Mr Shakantu conducted business with the Zambian government only during my tenure as president.”


  1. It seems to me like ECL is desperately trying to hide behind a finger. As a seasoned lawyer he knows the value of reputation and how reparations are supposed to be done when slandered. The question is why doesn’t he sue the authors of this report and make quick money out of them. He knows that doing so they will unleash all the evidence in their possession. The casual way of calling UPND who are far away from this report won’t do. Given Lubinda, Tasila and jean Kapata are sweating over the mukula tree court case.

  2. Ba Lungu tekanyeni yama. Tamulati, your friends would simply keep quiet if not guilty. But with you’re always at ease knowing that you have acquired people’s wealth and time will come soon when Zambians will be on you, and all your lieutenants will scatter and leave you alone. Don’t compete with the Government. Boma ni Boma, and you’re already out of power. Be careful
    The problem with you is that you don’t think properly.

  3. Why don’t you take legal action 6th President of the Republic of Zambia? Will you? Won’t you? I hope your reply has gone to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists.

  4. ECL is aware that it’s just a matter of time before he is arrested. The strategy he is using is to attack first and when tables turn he will cry political persecution.

  5. The UPND government has taken too long to prove their assertions of grand corruption by Mr. Lungu and his crowd. Of course there are those forfeiture cases involving his entire family from his wife down. But this is not good enough. These people need to be convicted and sent to the cooler and an indelible record established.

    They have become so arrogant and daring. The UPND is now clearly put on the defensive. Only convictions will establish the fact of grand corruption like in the case of Mrs. Charity Katanga.

  6. ECL has been given enough rope to hang himself!
    They say a guilty mind gives rise to verbal diarrhea!
    Lungu is trying to stir up the waters to hide more of obscene stolen katundu!
    It seems his Bombasa is about to fall!
    There is no way your entire family could acquire wealth at such lightning speed!
    You are a shameless thief ECL!
    Your days are numbered!
    If you were wise, this is time to shut up or anything you say is recorded and will be used against you in the courts of Law!


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