President Msoni responds to the assertions made by the Chairman of the Alliance

Mr.Charles Milupi on the assertion that the Alliance political parties are well represented in cabinet by 5 people who have been appointed to Cabinet.

In so far as matters stand it is only (2) principal Alliance partners who are in Cabinet. And these Include the Chairman himself Mr. Charles Milupi and MDC President Mr Felix Mutati.
Principals of the Alliance cannot be relegated in preference for ordinary members of the Alliance. That’s not how the principles of Alliances ought to function.
And so what is exactly the role of other Alliance partners?

We think that the Chairman shouldn’t justify wrongdoings by the UPND leadership.

In an ideal selfless political arrangement all the 12 Principals of the Alliance must be in Cabinet.

When you decide to work with others you must be willing to share responsibilities with others.

It is obvious to all of us that there is no consultation with Alliance partners who are not in government.

UPND Alliance chairperson Charles Milupi says the alliance has no problem with Kelvin Bwalya Fube launching Zambia Must Prosper (ZMP) as a political party because that does not mean he is leaving the alliance.

Commenting on KBF’s announcement that he would launch the ZMP party in August this year, Milupi said the UPND Alliance had no issue with his decision.

“So far, nobody has indicated that they want to leave the alliance. None of the contributing political parties has indicated [that] they want to leave the UPND Alliance. Other political parties want to join us and we have been holding discussions with others. The political landscape in Zambia is very dynamic. First of all, there is nothing wrong with him launching. Until such time he indicates that he wants to leave the alliance, no issues will arise,” he said.

Milupi said ZMP would still continue to be part of the UPND Alliance even after the launch.

“All alliance members including the President himself campaigned vigorously for this government. There’s no one who can be said [that] this one did more than the others. We all campaigned and played our part. We called it the opposition alliance and we changed it in about January 2021 to the name UPND Alliance. So when I say everybody campaigned, the victory is due to all members. Those parties [that] formed membership included the UPND. So let us not elevate anyone above the others. That is not how an organisation works. The alliance is an alliance of political parties and it’s not an alliance of individuals. If you’re talking about Mr Kelvin Bwalya Fube (KBF), in fact, he came to the alliance with what we call ‘Zambia Must Prosper’,” he said.

“I think he came with it as a movement, it wasn’t a political party but we accepted that. He was the one who came fairly late towards the elections. He came as part of four groupings. There was MDC headed by [Felix] Mutati, Mr [Kaluba] Simuyemba who headed MCE and Dr Earnest Mwansa who headed Zambia We Want. Then Mr Kelvin Fube, who as I say didn’t have a political party but it was a movement. You’re saying he now wants to formally launch his movement as a political party, what impact has that got on the alliance? This is an alliance of political parties. So our understanding is that even if it’s launched, it will continue to be a member of the alliance. So from that perspective, we don’t expect any change.”

Milupi said the alliance had no problem with KBF launching his own party as long as he did not go against the tenets of the movement.

“However, politics is politics. We have had political parties in this movement and some left the movement. Some left the alliance. Sean Tembo was part of this alliance but he left. I speak with authority because I am not only the chairman but the founder member of this alliance. When we formed it there were only four political parties. So I am the founding chairman of the movement. It happened during the difficult time when Mr Hakainde was incarcerated. So others came and joined us and we became bigger. But others also decided to leave. Did it shake the alliance? It became even stronger. We even went further to win an election even when others were leaving. That is a historical fact,” he said.

“So if he is launching a party, we have no problem because it’s an alliance of political parties and not an alliance of individuals. We’re not all members of UPND so if someone forms a party then he is not against. Should they launch and they want to continue being members of the UPND Alliance, we have no problems with that. The only difficulty we would have is if someone launches and goes against the tenets of the UPND Alliance. They will have to examine themselves on whether they want to continue being members of the alliance or they want to pull out. It’s straightforward. As of now, those issues have not arisen.”

Meanwhile, Milupi said the UPND Alliance had enough representation in government, with five members holding senior positions in Cabinet.

“There are members of the alliance who are in Cabinet. I think the last count we had is five members of the alliance are in Cabinet. So what consultation are we talking about? Don’t we use Cabinet to run the government? So if there are five members of the alliance in Cabinet holding senior positions, are you telling me that this government runs without those five being consulted? Are they running those Ministries without having the authority? That’s not the case. The alliance is participating in the government. Others have also been appointed in other positions. Secondly, appointments in public service have not been exhausted,” said Milupi.

“There are still a number of appointments to be done when circumstances are ready. Those that want to be considered will be considered. Others have made a choice that they want to remain on the political side. So there will be people who individually want jobs, maybe they are anxious to have those jobs even when the government is doing it in a methodical manner. You know, you just don’t go and fire everyone and replace. So not all positions have been filled. Not all commissions have been filled. We all campaigned but there is one person who stood for national position and the running mate. So we must not rush for positions. I can say that some of us didn’t go into the alliance for jobs. When we formed this, there were no jobs.” S


  1. Another shameless Job seeker!
    He is crying because he was not given an appointment. He’s not even ashamed to say it.
    This is the same disease affecting Canicius Banda!
    It’s even worse for Pilgrim because some of these guys are still not self-sufficient at their age. These are the poor people who go into politics to get rich quickly! At the age of 50, you should be settled! You should have your own house as basic minimum! You can’t be moving from house to house renting and suffering embarrassing evictions! It’s not good to be going through such crisis within your mid-life crisis!
    Don’t join politics for bread and butter issues. Only join politics when you have something to offer. Your personal life must show personal track record of success in terms of personal wealth creation! You should not share poverty! You should share success!
    If you can’t look after yourself, how do you expect to look after a nation?
    Charity begins at home!
    Going forward, we want to see selfless leaders who can afford to look after Zambians without them asking to be paid a Salary.
    Endani kumunzi mukalime Adada!
    Go back to the village and get busy with farming. Politics is not your portion. You can not be banking on political alliances as a quick fix to your selfish political ambitions!
    No one owes you a living!
    Let’s gray with grace and wisdom!
    We should not be bad examples to the young generation!


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