9th August,2022- Ibex Hill Police Station recorded a case of breaking into a building and Committing a felony therein which occurred at the Former Republican President’s residence His Excellency Mr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Brief facts of the matter are that a report was received from Male Mayondi aged 42 of kabwata site and service attached under protective unit to the former president’s residence and on behalf of the family that unknown people broke into the house and stole two Sumsung smart television sets valued at K66,000.Entry and exit was gained through cutting electrical wire fence behind and climbed the wall fence,broke the main door and stole the items.

This occured on 09th August, 2022 between 01:00 and 06:00 hours which was the time of discovery by domestic workers of second street in ibex hill Lusaka .

Police visited the scene of crime and it was noted that criminals gained by cutting the electrical wire fence on the eastern side and its believed to be the same used as an exit .At the crime scene only one stand has been found in the next yard.

Police have instituted investigations into the matter.

Rae Hamoonga


  1. The story doesn’t make sense. This is stage managed by PF thieves, the commanders.

    They did this during gassing, then 2 weeks ago when the former first lady was appearing before DEC for an inquiry over 15 flats suspected to be proceeds of crime the same day they released a video purporting that the lady in the video was the Director General for DEC, Madam Mary Chirwa. This was followed by calls from mainly PF sympathisers advocating for her resignation. These schemes failed. Now they have pulled a quick one. There is no thief who can visit such a facility which he is not familiar with. Its a PF inside job.

    This is PF for you. These crooks will never repent

  2. Zambians like trivialities. We don’t want this to come and repeat itself when HH hands over power in 2032. Hence this needs serious investigations than the foolish praise singers claims of it being perpetuated by PF themselves.
    This is unacceptable.
    Anyone who rules this nations becomes our asset whom we sacrifice our hard earned money to protect and feed.
    There are a lot of vulnerable houses in which one can gather guts to steal a TV from than a well known protected residence of a former head of state. It’s clearly a planned move and police must have closed eyes on command or instruction.

  3. Surely the security cameras can tell it all. Are they not the sort that remain capturing video a couple of hours when power goes? Well, all things are possible. And it’s interesting that even former president Donald Trump’s Malago home was broken into in the last 24 or so hours.

  4. Nothing makes sense. They actually broke down the door and mama Esther did not hear anything?
    Frim the cost of the TVs, it must have been a large screen one. This is an inside job. Do the assigned security not patrol the yard? Abd especially that there was a power black out?


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