Times Will be hard Before they Become Better-HH

PRESIDENT Hakainde Hichilema says magistrates and judges should, soonest, start visiting police cells and correctional facilities around the country and see how congested they are.

The President spoke when he swore in 18 permanent secretaries, a judge and a commissioner of lands, at State House this afternoon.

The appointees have been sworn-in, in line with Article 206 of the Republican Constitution.

Alice Mipunga Ntambo Sitali was sworn-in as High Court judge and the President reminded her to help in the quick dispensation of justice.

“The English say justice delayed is justice denied. Let us have a sense of duty,” President Hichilema said, stressing that Zambians who take a grievance to courts must be heard, as per the stipulation in the Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

“I don’t like using my example; many times I was never heard [in court]. So, I expect my experiences to end with me. [But] the rest of the citizens should be heard by the courts.”

He emphasised that the judiciary must hear citizens’ legal grievances.

“Please, hear our people. Then we can decongest the detention centres [and] the police cells. Acting chief justice (Michael Musonda), I suggest that in the normal course of duty, judges, magistrates, once in a while, must visit police cells, correctional facilities and see for themselves what’s going on there,” President Hichilema said.

“I hope you’ll do it quickly because very soon we are cleaning up those places, anyway. So, you may not see what I wish you to see. Go there before we get there ourselves. Then you’ll understand what I’m talking about.”

To the new permanent secretaries, the President told them not to be deceived by: “my humble looks” and start engaging in shady deals.

“That’s how we villagers are (having a modest disposition)! We should not continue doing wrong things with regards to management of public affairs. We should not continue the wrong things that have been going on for the last 10 years,” he noted.

“I’m talking about expenditure control! From tomorrow, go in those ministries and start looking at the buying pattern – purchase of items. You’ll feel very bad; you’ll nauseate. Can we work together to change that culture!”

President Hichilema also pointed out that his government has not even started managing the economy: “the way we want.”

“But there will be a bit of pain for us to recover this economy. But you (appointees) are the key!”

Meanwhile, President Hichilema told the new commissioner of lands – Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources Lynn Sianziba Habanji – to reign in on the confusion surrounding land ownership in Zambia.

“Land belongs to Zambians. But it’s available for investments from anybody, but through the Zambians first,” said President Hichilema.

“Two, three title deeds on one plot! How? Why are we creating confusion, work which is unnecessary for us? You should automate that place (Ministry of Lands)!”

The permanent secretaries sworn-in today are:

  1. Josephs Rikki Akafumba – home affairs (administration)
  2. Green Mbozi – agriculture
  3. Beatrice Chilufya Darko – Community development
  4. Sakwiba Musiwa – Mines
  5. Frederick Mwalusaka – Transport and logistics
  6. Bornface Chaabila Nalishuwa – labour
  7. Dr Anna Chibulu Songolo – Livestock and fisheries
  8. Kennedy Kalunga – information and media
  9. Daphine Soko Chabu – lands and natural resources
  10. Kangwa Chileshe – youth, sport and arts
  11. Joe Kalusa – water development and sanitation
  12. Yvonne Mpundu – Small and Medium Enterprises
  13. Dr George Magwende – health (administration)
  14. Dr Namani Moonze – Southern Province
  15. Paul Thole – Eastern Province
  16. Augustine Mulumbi Kasongo – Copperbelt Province
  17. Henry Mukungule – Muchinga Province
  18. Colonel Grandson Katambi – North-Western Province


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