Trump named as “presumptive 2024 nominee” by Republican National Committee

Trump’s Mugshot Released After Surrendering in Fulton County

The Republican National Committee was considering making Donald Trump their nominee for the 2024 election, but they decided to wait until he has more support before making a decision.

Trump said on Truth Social that he liked the idea of running for president again, but he changed his mind to keep his party united. He won’t be running for president anymore. He said he will complete the process by voting.

The draft says that President Trump is expected to be the candidate for president in 2024. It also means that anyone who likes other candidates can join his team too.

The person who knew about the decision said that the withdrawal happened, but they can’t talk about it to everyone. They didn’t want people to know their name.

If the rule is approved, it would give Trump even more control over the party. This is happening while Nikki Haley is still trying to be chosen as the GOP nominee.

Ronna McDaniel, who is in charge of the Republican National Committee, had already expressed her support for the resolution. On Tuesday, McDaniel said that even though Haley did well in New Hampshire, she believes all Republicans should back Trump as their candidate.

The RNC was going to discuss a plan at their meeting in Las Vegas next week, even though only two states had voted and the former president didn’t have enough supporters to win the nomination.

Haley’s group said that the RNC can’t pick the GOP candidate.

“Nobody pays attention to what the RNC says. ” “We want the Republican voters to pick our party’s nominee, not the people in Washington,” said Olivia Perez-Cubas, who is representing the campaign.

The AP has a rule to not say someone is the “presumptive nominee” until they have enough delegates to win most votes at the party conventions. It could happen as early as March.

But the RNC was allowed to do this because there were no rules against it. If they had used it, it could have helped the Republican Party get ready for the next election against Joe Biden, who is getting ready to run for president again in 2020.

The group has done this before. They said a person will probably be chosen, even before they had enough votes. Reince Preibus, who used to be the RNC Chair, backed Trump in May 2016.

Haley believes that by staying in the race longer than the other candidates, even though she lost in Iowa and New Hampshire to Trump, it shows that she is a strong contender.

Trump has 32 people on his side, and Haley has 17. After the New Hampshire competition, there is still one delegate that has not been given to a candidate.

Haley talked at a big event in South Carolina and told everyone that her campaign received over $1 million in donations after getting second place in New Hampshire. Trump said something that seemed like he was trying to make his supporters afraid.

“Trump said that anyone who helps Birdbrain is not welcome in the MAGA camp anymore. ” “We don’t want them, and we won’t let them in because America is our top priority and always will be. ” Rewrite this text in simpler words.

Haley’s team said on Thursday that they received an extra $1. 2 million dollars were given as gifts after Trump said he would stop anyone from giving money to her campaign.

Trump’s idea didn’t work. A lot of people are donating money to help Haley’s campaign. This means they are fed up with all the problems and are backing Nikki’s plan for a powerful and proud America.

Trump didn’t pay attention to any money given to Haley, and it didn’t affect his decision. J used to work for the government and now he helps Haley as a lobbyist.

“That’s like something from a ‘Godfather’ movie. ” can be rewritten as “It’s similar to something from a ‘Godfather’ movie. ” “He said to never let down your family. ” “You need to stop playing now. ” Please rephrase this text using easier words.

Petrizzo thinks that some Republicans want to talk about Trump and Biden competing against each other, but he wants to remind everyone that the final election is still a long way off.

“I have heard lots of Republican Party leaders, including the RNC chair, say we should help a candidate. ” They want to choose this person to be our representative. Petrizzo said we should help Trump because Iowa and New Hampshire voted for him. There are still 285 days until the election. There is plenty of time remaining.
The Republican National Committee won’t discuss making Donald Trump the party’s 2024 nominee until he has enough people supporting him.

The news was released after Trump said on his social media that he didn’t want to go through with the idea because he wants his party to stay united. He wants to keep using the old way to get people to vote for him in the elections.

The draft predicts that President Trump will be the chosen candidate for the 2024 election and wants the supporters of all candidates to join his team.

Someone who knew about the decision said that the withdrawal had happened. They couldn’t talk about it in public and they wanted to keep their name a secret. This happened on Thursday night. It took place on Thursday evening.

If the rule had been approved, it would have made Trump even more powerful in the party at a time when Nikki Haley is competing against him for the GOP nomination.

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel had said she supported the resolution before. On Tuesday, McDaniel said that Haley did really well in the campaign, but Republicans need to help Trump, who will be our chosen candidate.

The plan was supposed to be discussed at the RNC’s meeting in Las Vegas next week, even though only two states have voted and the former president did not attend.


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