Ukraine targets three airports overnight in retaliation for massive Russian drone strike


Ukraine attacked Russia with many kamikaze drones this weekend. It was the biggest attack in months.

Three of Moscow’s airports – Vnukovo, Domodedovo, and Zhukovsky – had to shut down. Flights were stopped or cancelled.

Russia had to use guns to take down 11 drones on Saturday night, and another nine on Sunday morning.

Ukraine is fighting back against the Russian attack on Saturday.

The mayor of Moscow, who supports Putin, said there was a big attack on the Russian capital.

Five small flying machines were said to be shot down in the outskirts of Moscow in some areas.

Three times buildings on the ground were damaged, but it’s not clear if any of the drones hit important targets.

The mayor, Sergei Sobyanin, said that Moscow was the main goal.

“He said someone tried to do a big drone attack last night. ”

In another place, the power was turned off in Donetsk People’s Republic. This happened after Ukraine attacked the power grid in the area.

In Tula, a city not far from Moscow, a drone crashed into a house and caused an explosion. Three people got hurt and needed medical care.

Later this morning, there were new reports of a large group of drones flying over the city. People heard loud explosions, but it’s not confirmed if two kamikaze drones were shot down.

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Denis Pushilin, who was chosen by Putin to be in charge of the area, said: ‘Last night, the enemy tried to harm the region’s power system. ‘
In another place, the electricity was turned off in Russian-controlled Donetsk because it seems that Ukraine attacked the power grid there.

Denis Pushilin, who was chosen by Putin to lead the occupation, said: “Last night, the enemy tried to harm the area’s power system. ”

‘Sadly, because the attacks were so big, not everything was destroyed. ‘

Parts of Donetsk city, Makeevka and most of Mariupol had no electricity.
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The day after the worst attacks in Kyiv, 71 out of 75 Iranian-made drones were shot down by Ukraine’s air defenses.

Serhiy Popko, leader of the city’s government, said it was the biggest drone attack on Kyiv.

“Our soldiers destroyed most of the drones with gunfire. ” “Sadly, not everyone,” said Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky.

“We are still working to make our air defense stronger and shoot down more enemy planes. “


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