US strikes have not halted Houthi Red Sea attack – Biden


Houthi fighters fired another missile at a ship owned by the US on Thursday, even though President Joe Biden had previously stated that US attacks had not stopped the group’s attacks in the Red Sea.

The Pentagon said that no one was hurt and the ship was not damaged when the Houthis shot two missiles at the MV Chem Ranger.

The attack happened after the US bombed Yemen for the fifth time on Thursday.

The White House said that American forces stopped a bunch of Houthi missiles from being launched into the Red Sea.

After the US attacks, reporters in Washington DC asked Mr. Biden if the hits on Houthi targets were having an effect.

“He said they’re not stopping the Houthis when they say they’re working. ”

“Will they keep going. Yes”

The US military in charge of the Middle East said it attacked two Houthi missiles in the Southern Red Sea that were going to be launched.

The US military found the missiles in areas of Yemen controlled by the Houthi group. They found them around 3:40pm local time and said they were a threat to ships in the area.

“The US military later attacked and destroyed the missiles to protect themselves. ”

Pentagon Deputy Press Secretary Sabrina Singh said to reporters: “We do not want war. ”

We are not fighting the Houthis. We are doing things to defend ourselves.

Centcom also said that there was a try to attack the MV Chem Ranger. Authorities reported that two missiles designed to attack ships were launched at a ship owned by the US and flagged by the Marshall Islands, but neither of them hit the ship.

The military spokesperson of Yemen said that the ship was hit directly.

A ship owned by the US was hit on Wednesday, shortly after the US labeled the Houthis as a terrorist group.

On Thursday, the leader of the Houthis said it was a great honor to directly confront Israel, the US, and the UK. He spoke with a lot of energy.

Abdul Malik al-Houthi said that the attack on our people is a violation of our country’s rights and a direct attack on our people.

The Houthis started attacking ships in November because they said it was in response to Israel’s military action in Gaza. Since then, the group has carried out many attacks on large ships traveling through the Red Sea, which is a very busy route for ships.

The US and UK attacked many Houthi targets with air strikes on January 11th. The attacks started because Houthi forces did not stop attacking despite being warned to stop by Australia, Bahrain, the Netherlands and Canada.


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