1. This man will “burn out”before 2026.You just can’t be on radio every day and what worked for Satan may not work for him.As for HH failing take it easy sir,do you want us to hold elections again? You will prove irrelevant if you want to do a ka Satan move

  2. We don’t care whether he has fulfilled or not what we care is that pf is out power and UPND has given us freedom. Winter the 2.8m who voted for HH are happy but you who didn’t vote for him are the ones complaining about campaign promises. SATA promised Zambians a constitution in 90 days but the new constitution came after 3 years. People like winter are just a disgrace in our democracy, he was fired as a Minister by SATA

  3. Ba Winter Taa. Pride and arrogance are destroying your political career including your legal profession. I am told that as a lawyer you do not win cases for the same reasons. The President has not even completed one year of his five year term. How then can you accuse him of failing to fulfill his election promises. I am sure by year III he will have gained more experience and will be better placed to manage the office of President and the country. Remember also how PF Chased you from a job like a dog

  4. Town clerk was the highest position you ever achieved due to Data looking after before he gave you the position of Justice Minister in which you failed to perform. When, you were appointed SG by Data you assumed everyone else was blind and started forming parallel structures. The rest is history in your short polical career. You have never been a political force. The history is there for all to see. You were carried as a politician by Sata. In your entire political career you have never had any constituency.

  5. I’m afraid to say that this sort of uncouth, primitive and partisan [email protected] gives us all a bad name. For God’s sake our President hasn’t even been in office a year. Or does the notion of giving someone a chance not apply in Z? Is constant one dimensional criticism constructive? As the Australians say ‘pull your head in mate’. Basically means shut your mouth and wait until the next election when your words will either win or lose. Not now though. Not now.

  6. Wynter Kabimba thinks HH has already lost the match before even the first half is over. Thank goodness Kabimba’s not the referee whose decision HH ought to obey. HH should continue ignoring Kabimba because he’s not the referee.

  7. Brian,why can’t they give him time to repair what they ruined in 10 years!Do they honestly think he is a magician to fix the roads in 5 months? Great East Rd is ruined, the viral Kapiri Nakonde Rd is a death trap,Ndola-Lusaka dangerous, Mpongwe-Machiya(Copperhead Maize Basket) the most dangerous road on Copperbelt.
    Is fixing a 5 kilometer road in Mushili fixing roads in Zambia?

  8. Kabimba, your contorted and ghostly grimace exudes so much hate, bitterness, and envy at HH. You’re not only scaring children with these tantrums, but also displaying your poor communication skills and lack of civilty.
    Foolishly, you’ve chosen to hibernate at every general election only to come out of hiding months later to start your venomous tirade against the President. If you have better alternatives why not offer yourself at the polls instead of talking garbage and embarrassing yourself endlessly. At the rate you’re going on this fruitless and spiteful journey, you will damage your vocal chords and wear yourself thin long before 2026.
    This senseless crusade of yours will not sway the people of Zambia the vast majority of whom are happy with the President. Get it into your twisted mind that Zambians are relieved at kicking your tribal and corrupt PF regime out of power. So just hibernate back into your cave and continue taking your medication. You won’t be missed.

  9. “Inauguration at 10 in the morning, by 14hrs the dollar will be…”, was all just nonsense? Even “fuel will be cheaper”, “we can’t afford to borrow”, was all just LIES?


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