WAR OF WORDS: Kamanga & Siwale Trade Literature Blows In Continental WhatsApp Group


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WAR OF WORDS: Kamanga & Siwale Trade Literature Blows In Continental WhatsApp Group

Football administrator Blackwell Siwale yesterday told FAZ president Andrew Kamanga to stop behaving “childish” after a war of words ensued in a continental WhatsApp group.

The spat emanated from a discussion surrounding Kamanga’s cheeky position in the wake of the FAZ Arbitration Tribunal that declared Siwale’s ban null and void.

Following a brief back-and-forth that attracted a critic in Kamanga’s way, the FAZ president told Siwale not to claim they were once friends.

He wrote, “Blackwell Siwale, I have repeatedly told you NEVER to claim that you have been close to me.

“For the record we just met in FAZ exco in 2016, and it ended there. We have NEVER been friends as you claim since we have nothing in common. With hindsight I have come to discount you and see no value in engaging in any basic or intellectual discourse with you as I will be asking for too much.

“Please choose your words carefully when seeking attention.”

Siwale responded,

“I doubt I will take your threat seriously.

“Those words were uttered by u when u chaired an exco meeting last week.

“U ask me to go to Cas… Did u honor Richard Kazala’s Cas Arbitral award?

“Am not claiming and will never want to be your friend. There is no value indeed in it.

I would not want [to] be put in the same category as one who presided over football and failed to qualify to Afcon 3 times consecutively

“Stay in your lane. I never mentioned your name innitially…why are u getting upset childishly?”

The FAZ Arbitration Tribunal has lifted Siwale’s ban imposed on him by the Ethics Committee stating the then Kephas Katongo led committed had erred in arriving at its decision.

But Kamanga insists that Siwale is no longer welcome in football and if unhappy he should go to the Court of Arbitration in Sport (CAS).

Kamanga doubts that Siwale had the financial capacity to pursue his matter at CAS.

SOURCE: Augustine Mukoka


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