Why arrest, charge and detain Kaizar Zulu now?- Dr. Fred M’membe

Dr. Fred M'membe

By Dr. Fred M’membe, President of the Socialist Party

Mr Kaizar Zulu may not be a likeable fellow but his arrest and detention yesterday for threatening violence and assault in 2019 raises very serious questions about the lack of professionalism and integrity in our police and the entire criminal justice system.

If our police was professional and reasonably independent Mr Zulu would have been arrested and prosecuted in 2019 and not today. The police couldn’t arrest and prosecute Mr Zulu when the PF was in power because, like many other ruling party leaders, cadres, members and supporters of the time, he was untouchable. Mr Zulu can only be arrested today in a manner that looks vindictive or vengeful.

But unfortunately our people don’t seem to learn. The UPND leaders, cadres, members and supporters are also getting away with all sorts of violence, crimes. They are today untouchable! They will only be arrested and prosecuted for the crimes they are committing today after the UPND is out of power!
Is this the way things should be?
Where is the independence, integrity and impartiality of our police and other law enforcement agencies?

Why arrest, charge and detain Mr Zulu now?
This type of conduct has totally undermined, discredited our police and other law enforcement agencies. And as I have repeatedly stated, it is a well-known fact that throughout history, those who administer or control the criminal justice system hold the power with the potential for abuse and tyranny.

The statutory powers to arrest and prosecute those who commit crimes should be reasonably exercised and in good faith.
This conduct is sending a dangerous signal that our criminal justice system can be used to persecute and fix opponents of those in power.


  1. That is ow opportunistic this ka mambala Fred Mmembe is! In fact his fella is the first beneficiary of the fair justice system from the New Dawn Govt.
    Mmembe is benefiting a retrial for the liquidation of the Post by Sunday Nkonde that abused his powers as Judge uner the PF regime. That miscarriage has attracted another trial so that Mmembe can enjoy or receive justice in that case.
    What is wrong with other people that were brutalised by the same regime now getting or receiving the same justice which Mmembe has himself received! This Kangaroo Mmembe is worse than a pig sure!

  2. Fred all that English you have been writing was memorised sad. If the case was report last week its wise to put your question forwards, but if its was reported some 16 months ago then you integrity is questionable. If the case is reported upon the crime been committed it does not matter how long it takes to arrest the perpetrators.

  3. Kaiser was untouchable. He was Thee man. He ran away from Zambia when PF lost. He sneaked back was seen and got caught. Does that answer Meembe s question.

  4. Uli cipuba? Who would have arrested him under PF and keep his job? How many police officers who worked professionally did your bed fellows retire in PF and your interest as their stupid supporter? What happened to the saying umulandu taubola? Has that saying changed today just because it is UPND in power? Ala insoni e buntu. Fumyenipo ubu bupuba, jealousy and envy will kill you. STUPID IDIOT.

  5. Fred knows exactly why the police have now arrested KZ, but he ought to be reminded that the dockets were never closed and the police had been told not to arrest the president’s close ally otherwise someone would have been fired or transferred to Shangombo as was the case with many police officers who were professional. Today the police are professional and the commander in chief has on several occasions said no cadre will be protected if they committed any crime. Today we have some sanity in many places because relevant authorities have retaken their roles and jobs from cadres. Fred must now support the police for doing their work professionally.

  6. We all know Kaiser is not perfect and will not be perfect just like anyone of us. His past bad behaviours both verbal and psychological abuses are all over the place.
    Yes he was untouchable during PF regime. What Many us are asking why now? This is a question that you can all ask whether you like or hate him
    The law has to be applied equally but if double standards this why people are asking


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