Zambian Camera Man Demands K2 Million From Bushiri For Helping Him Fake Angels



A Zambian camera man and video editor who worked at Bushiri’s Prophetic Channel Television has come out in the open to joining Bushiri Survivors Network and reveal how miracles were edited in South Africa to present moving objects on camera that Bushiri said were angels.

According to the former camera man identified as Festus, he is the one that edited the video and created the impression of moving objects that they related to angels. He has since written to the Prophetic Channel International that he be given $125,500 (K2,000,000) for helping the ministry make close $1,000,000 in huge visitations after people were attracked by the presence of fake angels.

“There was no such a thing as Angels. That was a total lie. I edited the video and added the objects. If you watch it closely, you will see that people sitting close to the angels dont even notice everything because there was nothing for them to notice. I have a unedited version of the video and I will share with you to compare,” he said.

He also said most of the things people see on the TV are not real as there is a team of creative people behind them.
“Sometimes even Bushiri himself laughs and jokes about it that people love him so much and trust him that they would even demolish their houses and sleep outside if he ordered them to do,” he said adding: “I fee sorry for faithful people defend him without knowing what really happens. Only if they paid attention to what they see and think soberly, but they are too lazy and blinded to think.”

The camera man was fired for being suspected to be in a relationship with a church young girl that his former boss also ‘chewed’ for pleasure. He is now back to Zambia and has started doing his business in Lusaka.

You can watch the video on Youtube and see for yourself how Bushiri fooled people to believe in fake angels.


  1. Actually you should not be rewarded. What you forgot is that you have just confessed to a crime, so being the master minder of the same bogus lie as you have defined, you need to be jailed if funds were raised by your block buster fake piece. Maybe you should share your skill in the current Zambian movies the screen effects we are seeing in screen movies need some serious adjusting.

    It is surprising how self confessed criminals think that by confessing of your crimes they will be celebrated. You guys did the work knowingly and hence can be sued by those who were robbed by these arranged schemes.

  2. The bible is very clear about things of God. Christians are encouraged to read scriptures so that they are not cheated. Unfortunately, Africans especially, appear to have a phobia for reading. If we remained true to Christ’s teachings we would not be cheated. All these false teachings are only heard of in Africa! I have not heard of any of the things that happen at rallys or preachings in Africa, happen in European domains. Why are we so easily cheated? We lack genuine faith to believe in Christ and His teachings; it’s too basic, we would rather believe in flamboyant preachers.


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