….urges young people to be supportive of each other when voicing out their concerns

Lusaka… Wednesday July 10, 2024 (SMART EAGLES)

The Zambians for Unity Peace and Development (ZUPED) has condemned the àrrésting of young Fix-Zesco pr0testors by the police today.

ZUPED President Ronnie Jere has also called on young people to be supportive of each other whenever they are voicing out their concerns.

Mr Jere said the law allows individuals to conduct a peaceful prótést saying those who were protesting at Zesco were very peaceful.

“We want to condemn the àrresting of those young people who were prótesting against Zesco today. Our Republican constitution provides room for peaceful prótests as long as they are not a threat to peace and done within the confinement of the law,” he said.

“Peaceful prótests are a way where citizens can express their dissatisfaction over something. And in this vein, the young people saw it fit to conduct a peaceful prótest over load-shedding being done by power utility company, Zesco. We also call on young people to be supportive of each whenever they are not happy about something, it’s their constitutional right.”

Mr Jere said what the young protestors were doing was just to show their dissatisfaction over the continued long hours of load-shedding which has affected a lot of things.

“If load-shedding is affecting small business holders, it’s affecting SMEs, industries and other wheels of the economy, it is important that we the citizens voice out. One way is through a peaceful prótest and that is why we are saying there is nothing wrong for individuals to conduct a peaceful prótest,” he concluded.

Police in Lusaka have arrested four people who attempted to prótest against loadshedding at ZESCO Headquarters in Lusaka.

The four suspects were picked at ZESCO Headquarters around 08:30 hours

They were identified as Rizchy Pataky, aged 35, Thomson Luzandi, aged 35, Muputa Ngalande, aged 32 and Nawa Sitali, 25 all of Lusaka.

They are detained in custody for the offence of Idle and Disorderly conduct.



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