2 women fight over former boyfriend’s house


2 women fight over former boyfriend’s house

A MAN aged 58 of Lusaka got the shock of his life after two of his alleged former girlfriends dragged each other to Matero Local Court claiming ownership over one of his houses.

Fridah Chibwe sued Theresa Mwanza for reconciliation over land.
Fridah told the court that she was married to John Chibwe and the two have five children together while Theresa was the second wife and the two have three children together.

Fridah told the court that the house in question belonged to her and she was the one who was keeping the original title deeds of the said house.

“Your honour, I brought this woman to court because she has been giving me hell demanding that I give her papers for the house which is mine. I will never release the documents for the house. My husband bought it for me and our children, not her,” she said.
On the other hand, Mwanza, who had photocopy documents of the said house, told the court that the house belonged to her and that her husband bought it for her three children.

But after noticing that the two women were bitterly exchanging words before the court, Magistrate Harriet Mulenga summoned Chibwe, who the two women claimed was their husband.

In his response, Chibwe said he was a married man and the two women were once his girlfriends.
He, however, told the court that he had children from both women but he never married either of them.
“These two women were just my friends and I have children from both of them. I am a married man, I am just shocked today that Fridah and Mwanza are fighting over my estate when I am still alive, what more if I die?” he said…


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